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Individuals may join any committee without prerequisites, but continued membership in any committee is dependent on active contribution to the projects of the committee as evidenced in the submission of weekly committee reports. Members are also expected to be consistent in their weekly quota of article comment posts (an average of 5 comments per week). And members must have their first Article Project Proposal approved by the end of the sixth week of the semester, and they must have their first article published by the end of the eighth week of the semester. Failure to maintain these requirements will result in a member’s removal from membership in that committee. Readmittance to any committee is contingent on regaining the status for ongoing membership.

Outreach Committee –

The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to extend the products of our organization to interested parties who might benefit from our historical research, writing, and media productions. Committee members would be liaisons to interested parties, such as High School and Middle School teachers of history. Committee members would take control of our Twitter and Facebook pages. This is our organization’s social media committee.

Publication Committee –

The purpose of the Publication Committee is to design the Showcase Edition design and layout, work on the publication of the Showcase Editions (two per semester), and work on the publication of the Monthly Newsletter (includes the management of text and image assets of all articles under consideration) This is our organization’s magazine layout committee.

Nominating Committee –

The purpose of the Nominating Committee is two-fold: nominate articles for inclusion into the Monthly Newsletter and the Showcase Editions; and to establish the categories for Awards for StMU History Media contributions this semester, and to nominate authors and articles qualifying for awards for those categories. This is our organization’s quality control committee.

Award Ceremony Committee –

The purpose of the Award Ceremony Committee is to prepare for the Semi-Annual Awards Ceremony to take place just before Final Exam week. This committee is responsible for securing the venue for the Award Ceremony, needed logistics for the venue, ceremony programs, ceremony sequencing, presenters for awards and presenter preparation, and any other aspects of the event that needs to be planned. This is our organization’s event-planning committee.

Production Company –

The purpose of the Production Company is to make documentary films. The committee will propose a topic, research the topic, design the storyboard, write the script, acquire the media resources, shoot the footage, and edit the film to professional standards.