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Course Reading Jacquemin PO 2302

PO2302 Civic Engagement & Social Action Spring 2024

Articles Assigned for Week 1

Make sure to log into in order to post your comment below each of the assigned articles or infographic. Your comment must be a minimum of 60 words, and describe how this specific article, leader, organization, topic, or infographic message connects personally with you and what you appreciate most, and any suggestions for improvement if appropriate. Remember your peers published these items in previous semesters and these were selected because they provide a varied sample of examples of how to write articles, or design infographics on the theme of Civic Engagement and Social Action, you should write all your comments in constructive ways.

Articles Assigned for Week 2

Articles Assigned for Week 3

Articles Assigned for Week 4 (pick any 2 for posting your comments)

Articles Assigned for Week 5 (any 2 for posting comments)

Articles Assigned for Week 6 (any 2 for posting comments)

Articles for Week 7