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I would like to thank Anacely Murphy for guiding me as I started my research and Dr. Shackleford for her help in the editing process.

Gabriella Galdeano

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  • Victoria Dubois

    Gabriella, great job on the infographic! It was eye-catching yet easy to follow, and not overwhelming. I found it interesting to learn that Pines are a type of Gymnosperm. Overall, the publication was well done and easy to understand. Congratulations on a neat and well-executed infographic!

  • Greitin Rodriguez

    With what we humans have done and what we have caused is not only destroying earth, plants, animals, and etc it is also affecting us humans. We are burning our earth and finishing it. We are making changes that are hard to undo and killing everything in our path. If we don’t find a solution and come together to stop the damages and find ways to help we would all be gone and done for. We all have an impact and we need to make changes in order for the earth to change for the better.

  • Alaina De Leon

    Great job Gabriella! This infographic was super easy to follow and not too overwhelming. It caught my eye but also made it an easy to read. An interesting fact I saw was that Pines were a Gymnosperm! Great publication and neat and easy to follow. Congratulations.

  • Kaylah Garcia

    Hello, Gabriella! To begin with, congratulations on your publishing. I think you did an excellent job on this infographic! The Infographic arrangement was well-designed and simple to follow. I also liked the color scheme you used. It was on brand and gave a nice touch to your infographic. I had a great time learning about Gymnosperms and how climate change has affected them. Overall, this infographic is excellent.

  • Jacqueline Galvan

    I liked how this infographic taught more about the classification of gymnosperms than did the previous infographic. I liked how this graphic talked about its life cycle and its description, as well as how it can reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. I thought this graphic had the perfect amount of information to be useful but now too crowded and cluttered.

  • Muhammad Hammad Zafar

    Amazing, the descriptive image in four steps of the life cycle was amazing although it was a little blurry but well explained in steps and at last it necessity in order to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

  • Sydney Nieto

    Congratulations on your nomination. The layout made it easy to follow. I think it funny how Gymnosperm makes “naked seeds”. I like how you included 4 steps and some examples, which were helpful because I didn’t know Pines were considered a Gymnosperms. It was interesting to see how the climate change had impacted about 71.4% of Gymnosperms. Overall, good job.

  • Hunter Stiles

    Such a fantastic infographic, by the way! I adore the color scheme used for this infographic. The provided material does a fantastic job of teaching the audience on this subject, which is very significant in today’s society. We can absolutely overcome the difficulties described in this infographic if we cooperate. One of the greatest in this area that I’ve seen was this infographic and the information it included. Well done!

  • Jaedon E

    Congrats on the nomination. Very nice infographic. I love how you talked about the importance of gymnosperms, especially within different ecosystems and biospheres. Now many people know how important some living organisms in the environment play a huge role in keeping and maintaining stability.

  • Isabella Lopez

    That’s so interesting! on a side note I enjoy the layout of your infographic. I feel it is easy on the eyes and doesn’t feel congested. Besides that, this was very informative. I never knew how imperative Gymnosperms were in reducing carbon dioxide. Another interesting topic you brought up was how global warming is effecting them.

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