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April 22, 2023

Horsetails And Ferns: What Are They? And What Can They Do For You?

I would like to give thanks to my Biology professor, Terry Shackleford and my peer tutor Jose Chaman Alvarez. These individuals helped me to understand the depth of this assignment and helped me to gain well-rounded knowledge of how to piece this infographic together. Jose taught me to use my required resources. They helped me shed light on my topic of Horsetails and Ferns.

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Sophia Sanchez

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  • Gaitan Martinez

    I knew of horsetails but never knew actual knowledge of them, and now know they help with kidney problems. I did just learn gymnosperms: pine trees, source trees, and pacific yew, and I’m aware of their rhizoids, not real roots but anchors. I’ve learned so much about plants today. Seedless plants that only reproduce through spores. I’m going to learn about angiosperms next. We’ll see the similarities and differences.

  • Emilee Luera

    This layout and color palette are unusual because I envisioned a more subtle unified image to attract the reader’s attention. It’s easy to read, with few large blocks of text, and the photographs help you grasp the imagery. The layout and material are both quite nicely done, and it immediately grabs the reader’s attention. I enjoyed learning about how these unusual plants may benefit people and the environment more than we think.

  • Maya Naik

    Hello! I must say, your infographic is impressive. The imagery, colors, and layout all come together to showcase your personality. The unique color scheme and layout caught my eye and kept my attention. The design is cohesive and easy to follow, with minimal large bodies of text and helpful diagrams. You did an excellent job portraying your research and passion for this topic. Keep up the great work!

  • Fernando Milian

    I believe this is a very colorful infographic and fun to look at. I am surprised that despite having so many different colors, they all seem to work well. They do not produce visual noise; on the contrary, they add joy and life to the topic that this piece of work aims to present to the reader. That is hard to get overall, and this infographic has dominated that quality. If I am navigating online, and I happen to find this infographic, I would for sure take a minute to read it. That is a successful presentation of information. Well done!

  • Illeana Molina

    Hello, great infographic as I can see your personality via the imagery, colors, and layout of the overall appearance. This layout and color scheme are unique as I pictured a more subtle cohesive picture to gather one’s attention and catch the eye of the reader. It is easy to follow, very few large bodies of text and the diagrams are helpful when looking at the imagery. Great job portraying your research and passion for this topic.

  • Carollann Serafin

    This is one of the prettiest informative infographics I have read! The layout and information is very well put out and it is just an instant attention grabber. I enjoyed reading how these specific plants can actually benefit the people and earth more than we think.

  • Alaina De Leon

    I felt that this infographic was unique and interesting to look at. It was easy to follow and very informative, i enjoyed the use of the diagrams to convey how it works. I thought it was nice and also the us of the plant picture was a nice touch. great effort and great facts !!

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