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Greyson Addicott


StMU Class of 2021 –
Political Science Major

A Lesson in Foreshadowing: The American Nullification Crisis

The American Constitution and the Death of the “Great Experiment”


Christopher Hohman


StMU Class of 2021 –
History Major

Triumph and Tragedy: The Loss of the Lusitania

Prelude to the Roman Empire: The Battle of Actium

The Climax of a Rivalry: The Battle of Jutland

Ferdinand and Isabella: The Making of the First World Power

The Man Who Would Not Be King: The Abdication of Edward VIII of Great Britain

“I Have not Yet Begun to Fight”: John Paul Jones’ Greatest Victory

R.M.S Titanic: The Life and Death of an Ocean Legend


Auroara-Juhl Nikkels


StMU Class of 2020 –
International & Global Studies Major

Medea did WHAT for love?

The Artful Way to Equality: Tattoos and Women

“I’m No Hero”: The Life Saving Acts of Irena Sendler

Three Years Later, You Don’t Exist: The Kurdish Nation-State

From a Museum to a World Renown Circus: The Creations of P.T. Barnum

The Enemy of My Enemy is My Frienemy: The Syrian Civil War

Sticks & Stones May Break My Bones, But My Words Will Build an Army Against Apartheid

Micro-Loans, Macro-Impacts: The Grameen Bank of Bangladesh Transforms Lives

Institutional Change & Identity: Unexpected Impact of the Arab Spring


Annissa Noblejas


StMU Class of 2020 –
Communication & History Major

“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner” Serves Up Racial Equality

All Tied Up: Hidden Message of Wonder Woman

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