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Yairy Mendez

Yairy Mendez intends to graduate in the Fall of 2023 with her B.A. in Biology and a certification in Public Health. She has begun taking courses for her Master’s in Public Health (MPH) at UTHealth School of Public Health in San Antonio. Her aspirations involve entering the field of infectious disease epidemiology.

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  • Xavier Bohorquez

    This infographic was something that I have to take into personal interest and I was so indulged in the visual manner you made this. Our society is always on the internet and seeing the data of how many Americans are addicted shows how bad the problem is. This topic is something we need to bring more awareness to and I’m glad to see that someone is, Congrats on the Award!

  • Sudura Zakir

    The wisest course of action was to stop using social media. Even while watching Youtube is still a major part of the day, I frequently observe people restless and checking their smartphones every three seconds like they are addicted to drugs. They might even be engaging in neighborly chitchat as they hurriedly peruse posts of traumatic news occurrences or look at the most photo-shopped image I have ever seen. The fact that so many people are suffering, accepting their issues, and doing little to nothing about them deeply saddens me. I appreciate you creating this!

  • Emilee Luera

    This is a wonderful infographic topic, especially for our day. We are constantly glued to our devices in today’s society. I feel that social media has invaded our daily lives and that we are underestimating the negative effects of excessive social media use. You packed a lot of useful information into this infographic. Very intresting topic and congratulations on your award!

  • Daniela Garza Martinez

    Hi Yairy! This reading this was so interesting, I couldn’t help but think about how much time I spend looking at screens. People have been overlooking the negative effects of social media for such a long time, and the fact that loneliness is one of the symptoms is not shocking to find. I am pleased that additional research is being conducted in order to raise people’s levels of awareness.

  • Maya Naik

    Hello Yairy! I really enjoyed your infographic. I clicked on the page immediately after reading the title. I am always concerned that I aped too much time on social media. Social media has taken over modern daily life, and I appreciate your publication that pays attention to this issue. I think that I will try to take your advice and pay more attention to my phone usage and habits. Thank you again!

  • Carlos Alonzo

    Your infographic on the addiction to social media effectively and accurately highlights the issues that many people are experiencing and do not admit. Too often do people lose sleep because they are on their phones for prolonged periods. This is an affect to mental health, relationships, and productivity that is new to the twenty first century. Promoting healthier habits with digital technology is important and finding a balance between online and offline activities is important for overall well-being.

  • Joseph Frausto

    Congratulations on your nomination and win at the research awards! I really appreciate that this infographic addresses a very pressing issue among our generation, especially in a post covid world. The formatting is excellent and really helps draw the reader in. Great job!

  • Yaniev Ibarra

    Great Infographic Yairy and congratulations on the award for best in public health. I think social media has consumed our daily way of living and do not measure the great effects overusing social media can have. I like that you included tips to use social media less, I will try to not use my phone before bed or in the morning. Good work!

  • Victoria Dubois

    The publication is both informative and engaging, making it a great read. It serves as a warning to stay alert, which is valuable. Although it contains a lot of text, the presentation is neat and well-organized, and it’s not overwhelming to read. Congratulations on a job well done!

  • Christian Lopez

    There is a lot of great information that you packed into this infographic. I also love the design and flow of the design, it makes this infographic a very easy read. This is also a very relevant topic for the age of social media that we lived in today.

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