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  • igutierrez14

    I love the design of the infographic as well as the color used! Very important topic and helpful to people who haven’t even considered ecological education in their lives.

  • egonzalez95

    Good evening. I adore this infographic since it guided me in areas I had never thought universities used green energy. I’d want to learn more about green energy and what it does in your infographic. Still, I like the percentage graph you included since it helped me understand why universities should embrace more resourceful methods of using green energy. Some of the ways I’ve seen green energy used include the installation of water fountains in schools and other public places, which helps kids avoid using water bottles and contributes to a cleaner environment with less pollution. Green energy benefits society by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. The most valuable asset you all included is fundamental because it affects how other nations and the United States can follow the lead of those who utilize green energy in their schools. As you have all indicated, Poland and Russia have created programs to demonstrate the benefits of preserving and implementing green energy in schools and how introducing them may lead to beneficial social changes. When people understand what green energy is and what it does, more individuals or communities will see the long-term and sustainable advantages to life. Such issues as climate change are easy to create awareness that it is affecting human civilization and the ways green energy can aim to aid the community by reducing these environmental impacts.

  • Mikayla Trejo

    This info graphic was eye-catching, persuasive, and informative. Thank you for placing importance on one of the major global issues of today which is, climate change. It is creative to think of a way to inform the youth of climate change through schooling. Thank you for providing concrete examples of societies who already have this practice in place.

  • Alexis Silva

    I truly enjoyed reading this infographic! It is visually appealing as the information flows nicely and the colors blend together well. This topic is so important and the publishers did a fantastic job of breaking it down to a point where everyone can understand and how we can positively contribute to our environment

  • Linda Aguilar

    Congratulations on your award! Your infographic provides detailed information about climate change and what we can do to make a difference. Comparing graphics colors from light green to darker green is eye-catching. The color scheme of soft earth tones was an excellent choice. Overall, the entire infographic inspired me to start making changes in my daily life. This information allows people to be more resourceful. Excellent work!

  • I really enjoyed analyzing this infographic. I was able to grasp the concepts really well, since there was such well organized symbols. I thought that your infographic flowed very well and that it wasn’t choppy. The colors used in this infographic really were on point. If I were to show this to a group of students I believe thatchy would understand this topic quite well.

  • Fernando Garza

    What a great infographic. I wasn’t aware of the percentage of colleges/universities not using clean energy. Very well done design and flow of the infographic made information flow very easily. Also, I very much liked the colors used, the earthy tones combined with the message being over environmental education was a great idea. Lastly, I very much appreciate the alternative solutions presented, as they help to highlight how other places are pursuing this issue in their society.

  • Linda Aguilar

    Congratulations on your award! Your infographic provides detailed information about climate change and what we can do to make a difference. The comparison graphics colors from light green to a darker green are eye catching. The color scheme of soft earth tones was an excellent choice. Great job!

  • Maria Guerrero

    Huge Congratulations on this recognition! This infographic was beautifully designed and was quite interesting to read. I was astonished to learn how many colleges and institutions do not use renewable energy, given that they should be taught how to be more environmentally conscious. More of this is necessary because it enables us to make more sensible decisions and embrace sustainable practices that promote the long-term well-being of the planet and all life on it. This is because ecosystems are interrelated, and by comprehending how our actions affect them, we can also better understand the effects of our actions. Amazing work!

  • Andrew Ramon

    I think this is a great resource for our younger community to learn. Your infographic is easy to read and presents your points in an understandable manner. The importance of this topic is so great that it is best that it’s brought up early in education and as you stated it’s already been proven to work in other countries. I think the United States youth would greatly benefit from this as well.

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