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April 22, 2023

Modest Life of Moss

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  • Sudura Zakir

    Rarely cared much for moss, particularly given how disgusting and unattractive it is, but I shouldn’t have judged a book by its cover. Although I already knew something about bryophytes from another infographic, I now know more. I discovered that hornworts are among the earliest plants. I did have a hunch that because bryophytes are best adapted, they also live longest in nature. I was accurate.

  • Gaitan Martinez

    Never much about moss, especially because it’s gross and unappealing, but I should’ve never judged a book by its cover. I did learn about bryophytes from another infographic, but I did learn more. I noticed that with hornworts, they’re also one of the oldest plants. I did have a theory that bryophytes were the most adapted plants, and that’s why they live the longest? I was right.

  • Emilee Luera

    Your infographic truly is informative about the life cycle of moss. I love the colors that are used and how you designed your infographic! Great job on writing about the moss life!

  • Daniela Garza Martinez

    For such a well put together info graphic. Great job! Despite the complexity of the topic, you made this info graphic to be very approachable to those for maybe not very biology oriented. I especially love the color pallet and how well it goes with the overall theme of moss and nature. Congrats on a great info graphicCongrats on a great info graphic!

  • Maya Naik

    Hi Julia! I really enjoyed reviewing your infographic. I thought that the color was very relevant to your theme. Thank you for this publication, as you somehow made Moss so fun to read about! I think that you captured the nature of what an infographic should represent. The post was eye-catching, and the organization of facts was perfect!

  • Yaniev Ibarra

    Great Infographic Julia! I am fascinated with the simplicity and clean look your infographic has, the color choice is also a great touch considering it’s about moss. Very informative and descriptive. Nice job!

  • Christian Lopez

    The design of this infographic is beautiful. I love the green background that looks like it has plant cells. The way that you formed it makes it really easy to read, and the information in well incorporated.

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