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This is a new genre that some of the students in PO 2302 Civic Engagement & Social Action decided to attempt above and beyond their actual assignment to help our class design ways to disseminate their research and presentations beyond our small group. To qualify to publish, students had to further edit their work and make the presentation more engaging by following a story arc and by removing most text and adding transition and morphing effects wherever possible. I am grateful to my entire class this Fall 2022 for taking on this challenge and for working above and beyond their course requirements to help us experiment with a new format for publishing on the StMU Research Scholars website Project coordinated by Dr Brad Whitener.

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Polina Protozanova

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  • Maria Fernanda Guerrero

    Polina you are certainly an overachiever. I applaud you for presenting in this format. It was truly engaging, educational, and effective. I would love to see more presentations like this in the future. I was not familiar with Alexei Navalny. He is inspiring and a ture role model. I am amazed that he never gave up his dream, knowing dangerous reprecauses will spiral to him that it might lead to his death. Thank you for this inspirational presentation! I loved it! Congratulations!

  • I like this story. This story is very interesting and i really like it. I always wanted to treat this topic. Thank you for spreading your thoughts and this info. I always love hearing this kind of stuffs. And i will always keep focusing on this kind of topic.The man who got assault few times, he is very strong guy. I love to share this story to my friends. Thank you for your job.

  • Fernando Milian

    Without a doubt I can say that of all the articles I have had the opportunity to comment on this site, this has been my favorite. The choice of this type of format to present information seems fantastic and extremely refreshing to me, managing to completely capture my attention. Not only is the topic discussed interesting, but the audio and video support make it a perfect complement. I greatly appreciate the use of this type of audiovisual material to spread knowledge and encourage discussion. Congratulations and may there be more like these.

    Curiously, I knew of Navalny from what I heard on the news when he was murdered. But I had no idea that he was some kind of influencer with a high presence on the networks. It has been very interesting to hear him speak in this video and learn about his message to the Russian people.

  • Lauren Sahadi

    This was a very interesting way to tell a story. I was expecting a normal article, but I feel this way is so much more exciting and easy to follow and not get distracted or last like when you read a long article. I was very engaged and learned more about Russia than I did before. Really cool way of learning.

  • Jonathan Flores

    This is a very interesting and thought-provoking video that feels a bit different after hearing of Navalny’s recent death. It takes a bold person to stand up for what they believe, but even more so when it could be dangerous to your life. In the case of Alexei Navalny, he represents the epitome of someone who would not be stopped in the face of adversity, and it is particularly touching when you realize he died still fighting for his cause and inspiring millions along the way. This video was very well done and had a good pacing and it really helped me learn a little more about his courage.

  • Martin Martinez

    I had no idea who Navalny was until I had heard of his passing. As I am continuing to learn about his efforts, this was a video that contributed greatly. As for the format through which this was presented: I cannot find as of yet any substantive weaknesses. I enjoy being able to see more pictures wherever possible. It looks like subtitles are auto-generated; if so, is there an option to input your own subtitles? I know such options exist on YouTube and other video sharing platforms.

  • A'marie Pollard

    I really enjoyed watching this video. As someone who learns by visually seeing and looking at something and listening. This was helpful and engaging. Sometimes looking at a bunch of a words on a screen can make it hard to keep the reader engaged and sometimes your point can get lost. I did not know much about Russia but your video helped further my knowledge about what goes on in Russia.

  • egonzalez95

    Greetings, Polina. The paper and video are fantastic. I am genuinely motivated to acquire further knowledge regarding foreign politics and their influence on political systems. Tragically, Alexei had to endure repeated threats and detention as a result of the corrupt Russian administration. Navalny has experienced several incidents of physical assault and abuse.
    He became comatose in August 2020 from the ingestion of a nerve toxin known as Novichok. Germany was the destination of his subsequent medical treatment and recuperation. Notwithstanding the danger, Navalny traveled back to Russia in January 2021, when he was apprehended right away for going against the conditions of a suspended sentence in an embezzlement case from 2014. Widespread demonstrations in Russia in response to his imprisonment sparked international outrage. Navalny received a sentence that required him to fulfill his first three-and-a-half-year jail term. His detention brought the treatment of political opposition figures by the Russian government to light and generated international calls for his release. Because of his bravery and zeal in opposing the Russian government, Navalny has become a national icon and a talking topic in Russia when it comes to political protest and human rights. His cases have sparked questions about the nation’s democracy and legal system.

  • Gaitan Martinez

    I’ve heard many stories of whistleblowers and their journey. There’s this one story I heard about a Chinese government activist on youtube, and I wont get too into the story, but he was silenced by the very people he was fighting against. Many whistleblowers post their videos on youtube for everyone to see, and it’s very effective because it’s the best place to gather attention and it’s hard for forces to censor youtube. It must be very scary being a whistleblower because you could be attacked at any second, and you have to commend many of these people because not everyone is willing to risk their life for exposing certain forces.

  • Sebastian Hernandez-Soihit

    Very inspiring story and presented in such way that the viewer is at the edge of his/her seat. I have heard of this character before in my Comparative Politics class but this was presented in a very uplifting way.

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