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April 3, 2024

Photosynthesis – Effects of the global carbon cycle and climate change


I would like to thank Dr. Boies for her help in this process of my infographic project, particularly in the feedback of each draft I send throughout this time.  I am also grateful of my classmates for their feedback in my drafts as well. Lastly, I want to thank to my sister who helps me provide encouragement during my research process and last final draft.

Renata Bucco Paolasso

-Renata Bucco Paolasso -18 years old -Argentina, Cordoba -Freshman year -Engineering Pre-Med

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  • Martin Martinez

    Climate change is a topic covered a lot more as of recent, and more people are dismissive of the topic. But this infographic stands out because of its aesthetically pleasing visuals. It is also does a good job of reminding people of the importance of climate change as a whole. It makes you appreciate photosynthesis for what it is.

  • Sebastian Hernandez-Soihit

    simple and clean. Explains things in a consicce way and sites it to global affairs, easy to follow and reference. Thanks for sharing!

  • Fernando Milian

    This infographic does not go unnoticed. Despite bringing a highly known theme, it does so in a fresh and attractive way to communicate with new visual codes. The other contrast generated by the dark background with the light tones of white and green works very well in this type of communicative genre. Congratulations to the author of this work for having created such playful material.

  • Carlos Anthony Alonzo

    Your article on climate change beautifully articulates the urgency of the situation. The statistics you provided are staggering, and your call to action is compelling. However, consider delving deeper into potential solutions and the role of individuals in combating this global crisis!

  • Naya Harb

    Climate change has been a really negative impact on our environment and ecosystems. Since climate change affects the growth of plants, Earth is in danger. The impact of the rise of carbon dioxide on photosynthesis is a really important issue that needs to be taken more seriously. I love this infographic it was very informative and interesting to read! Congratulations!!

  • Deven Garcia

    Hello Renata! What a simple yet informative infographic! The simplistic approach to the visual design and colors enhanced your work. The layout was thoughtfully executed, making the information easily accessible. The clarity of the facts presented made for a seamless reading experience.

  • Deven Garcia

    What a simple yet informative infographic! The minimalist approach to color and visual design enhanced the topic’s presentation. The layout was thoughtfully executed, making the information easily accessible. The clarity of the facts presented made for a seamless reading experience.

  • Bella Gutierrez

    This is an adorable and informative infographic on photosynthesis! This infographic suits those just starting to learn about photosynthesis and climate change, like children. The impact of rising carbon dioxide on photosynthesis and plants is essential for everyone to know. I learned about the effect of carbon fertilization on plants and how it can boost plant growth. Congrats on your nomination!

  • Esmeralda Gomez

    Seeing this infographic was incredible! The vibrant colors and thoughtful composition drew me in instantly. It was very informative and easy to digest the information, especially regarding the effects of the global carbon cycle on climate change can be a rather extensive topic. As someone passionate about Earth preservation and familiar with Laudato Si’s goals, this resonated deeply. Kudos to the creators! Looking forward to more creative work from them.

  • Ana Barrientos

    Hi Renata! I loved your infographic, using bright green with a black background was perfect! It was very pleasing visually and I like how informative it is. I also liked the icons you used throughout your infographic. It was interesting to learn that plant photosynthesis grew by 12%. Climate change is real issue and I think learning about how it can negatively impact plants can help us create more awareness to climate change.

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