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Austin Rolirad

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  • Carlos Anthony Alonzo

    Kudos on your research! Your study on how tanks changed modern warfare perfectly shows how changes in technology causes changes in the warfare and insightful, thus providing valuable contributions to our understanding of war. Your presentation is sound, and your findings are well-supported by evidence. I appreciate the clarity of your presentation and the thoughtfulness of your topic. Your work sets a high standard for future publishers for the STMU Research scholars!

  • Quinten Mero

    Very interesting! The modern tank and its uses have certainly come far from its humble beginnings with the Mark I during the First World War. I never knew that Mark I tanks were used in the ongoing Israel-Palestine conflict. I guess it provides an amazing example of just how long the conflict has been raging. It’s also really interesting to see the leaps in technology made because of Cold War influence.

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