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April 20, 2023

The Flowering Angiosperms

I would like to thank Dr.Shackleford for assigning us to make an infographic. She gave me the ideas and resources on how to approach the research needed to create this infographic. This is the first infographic that I had made, so I was completely lost. I also would like to thank my tutor that I met at the RSC, that helped me find sources over angiosperms and how to structure an infographic. Lastly, I would like to thank my friends and Dr. Shackleford who have looked over past drafts and provided useful feedback.

Kevanna Vargas-Jones

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  • Zitlali Aguirre

    I found your infographic on angiosperms interesting! The images of the flowers are what caught my attention. I was unfamiliar with the term angiosperms and wondered what that meant for flowers. It was interesting learning about the history of angiosperms and where they are present. I would have liked to see the definition of what angiosperms are in your infographic.

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