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April 23, 2023

The Greatest Consumers…Hornworts!

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  • Gabriella Galdeano

    I enjoyed reading this infographic! I like the way the information is broken down into small, and digestible chunks. I previously did not know about hornworts surviving off the waste compounds in the water. That is such a cool way to recycle waste in the water. I would like to know more about their typical lifespan and how large they can grow.

  • Andrew Ponce

    Great infographic! The visuals make it extremely fun to read, while still being formal and informative. The way the writer connected with the modern audience by using the term “unlimited rizz” makes it so much more than a simple infographic. The rhetoric aspect of this infographic is very nice. Also along the topic of the actual knowledge gained from this publication. Not many people give thought towards the fact that hornworts consume waste compounds from water to grow. This publication is very interesting. Great work!

  • Emilee Luera

    Love your infographic and how it shows that hornworts consume waste to be able to grow. The colors that you choose are very nice and reminds me of natures true beautiful self.

  • Gaitan Martinez

    This infographic was extremely fun to read, they just talk like a regular, yet still being formal. Also, they make it colorful and just overall stand, and my favorite part was they said the plants have “unlimited riizz.” Although they were explaining the plan in simple terms, I could barely intercept what they said, but I think I’m just lacking in botanic vocabulary.

  • Yaniev Ibarra

    Nice Infographic Naomi! I really like the colors in your design. It makes the words pop more to the readers. It is interesting how the hornworts consume waste compounds from water to grow! Great job!

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