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Antonio Vega

Antonio S. Vega was born and raised in San Antonio, Texas. He is currently a St. Mary’s University Computer Science student. He enjoys making programs and being part of the St. Mary’s University Esports varsity team. He is interested in pursuing a career in computer programming. Major: Computer Science Minor: Mathematics Graduating Class: Spring 2025

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  • Silvia Benavides

    This was amazing! I enjoyed the fact that it was interactive. Great work!

  • Carlos Anthony Alonzo

    Your exploration of artificial intelligence has been fascinating! Consider discussing potential ethical implications and the need for regulations to ensure responsible AI usage in other settings.

  • Madison Hinojosa

    It is truly fascinating to dive into the evolution of AI and witness how it has progressed over time. Learning about the advancements and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence is truly captivating, particularly when considering how it has revolutionized various industries and aspects of our lives. The depth of knowledge shared in the timeline sheds light on the incredible journey that AI has undergone, showcasing the innovative minds and technologies driving this field forward.

  • Bella Gutierrez

    What a captivating timeline! I love how much information has been put into the sections and how they have been designed. I love the videos included; they are beneficial to those like me who aren’t pursuing a career in AI. However, AI has become a massive part of everyday life, so we must all know its history. Congrats on your nomination!

  • Isaac Fellows

    I’ll be honest, much of this is inaccessible to me, especially as someone who does not study computer science or engineering, but I loved it regardless. Your timeline gives great perspective of how much AI has been practically integrated into life for over half a century, and far before DALL-E or ChatGPT came out in 2022. Great visuals too.

  • Deven Garcia

    Hello Antonio! Your timeline on Artificial Intelligence is truly remarkable. Your interactive and highly informative presentation is seamlessly navigable, offering fascinating insights into AI’s origins dating back to 1956 at Dartmouth College. Including integrated videos enhances the depth of the timeline, providing an extra layer of engagement and understanding.

  • Luis Ramirez

    A very beautifully designed timeline. It was certainly interesting to learn about the history and evolution of A.I. In all honesty, it was very surprising to me when I saw the first A.I. event was in 1956. I never knew that the beginnings of A.I. went back so far in time. I’m certainly interested now in A.I. and to see where it takes us in the future.

  • Hi This infographic is really good. I like it the history of artificial intelligence. AI is used as many other ways in our real life these days. So it is important for us to keep focus on what is going on in our society. I love the color of back groud. It reminds me of the space. It is mysterious. Good job

  • Walter Goodwin

    Considering that I could be using Artificial Intelligence to write this comment, (I’m not, trust me) I like that you chose to create a timeline that gives us the detail of the development of how AI came to be. What I find to be particularly interesting are some of the initial successes and problems with the creation of AI, such as LISP and ELIZA.

  • Vianna Villarreal

    This is great work! What a great way to investigate AI especially in a world now where artificial intelligence is becoming so much more advanced. The history goes back from not so long ago and I think it is so amazing how it has developed over the years and become so advanced now. Great work and great way to share this information.

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