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April 4, 2024

The Police Force of the Cell

We would like to acknowledge Dr. Shackleford for her support and guidance in this process. We would also like to thank Irene Urbina Zuniga for her feedback on this project.


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  • Maria Fernanda Guerrero

    Great infographic. This infographic was organized perfectly. It is easy to follow through, information is clear and direct, and it’s engaging, ultimately allowing the reader to understand the information better. The analogy of the police was pretty clever and resonates great with lysosome. Plus, I love that the color scheme is simplistic. Great job girls on our infographic and congrats on your nomination!

  • Martin Martinez

    This a great piece because it shows, in part, the consequences of the absence or irregularity of lysosome activity. The police analogy was easy to understand and does a pretty good job of concisely describing that activity. Additional information could include where the lysosome evolved from, although it is not needed per se. I do wonder why only animals have this organelle.

  • Vianna Villarreal

    Very great and easy infographic, I remember learning about cell production along with cell failure in biology. There are so many little things that occur in human life along with any form of life that is so small but creates the whole species itself. Lysosome plays a major role in cell production along with cell regulation. There is so much going on in our bodies where things take care of themselves before any major effect occurs. Great work!

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