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Acknowledgments: We would like to thank Dr.Shackleford for her guidance in our research. We would also like to thank Irene Urbina Zuniga at the Rattler Success Center for her help in the early stages of this project.


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  • Gaitan Martinez

    Very well designed infographic! I haven’t learned about the biology of plants in a while, so it is nice to refresh my brain every now and then. Well ro be honest, I don’t really remember any of the other organelles of cells other than the mitochondria and nucleus. However, the infographic is very neat and organized, which I greatly appreciate.

  • Vianna Villarreal

    Such an interesting infographic great way to talk about cellular function. It is so interesting to see how different cellular storage works with animals and with plants. However more interesting to see how in common animals and plants are able to maintain stability and keep their bodies nourished. The process of cellular function is such a small part in human life however plays a major role in life itself and it is shocking to see how we are built up of all of these cells great work.

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