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April 20, 2023

Why are Hornworts so Important?


I would like to thank Dr. Terry Shackleford for this great opportunity and help in accomplishing this project. I did not realize how fascinating plants were before this opportunity. I am very thankful to Ms. Anacely Murphy and Ms. Irene Uribe for guiding me through the initial process. I have learned many things from them that I will continue to use in my education. Lastly, I am extremely grateful to my family, friends, and classmates for their help in the editing process of the project as well as for their amazing words of encouragement.


Christabel Duncan

I was born and raised in Harlingen, Texas, a city near the border of Texas and Mexico. After graduation in 2026, I will receive a bachelor’s degree in Biology that I will use to pursue a Doctorate degree in Pharmacy, with a specialization in psychiatric or ambulatory care. I plan on attending The University of Incarnate Word Feik School of Pharmacy in order to accomplish this. During my first year at St. Mary's University, I participated in Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA), and I have been elected to be the Treasurer for 2023-2024. I obtained a certification as a pharmacy technician and currently work in an independent pharmacy. I have also worked as a medical assistant and a scribe in at a medical clinic and will continue to do so during summer breaks.

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  • Victoria Dubois

    This publication is informative and engaging, making it an excellent read. It serves as a warning to be vigilant, which I appreciate. The overall presentation is neat and well-organized, despite having a lot of text. I didn’t find it overwhelming to read at all. Overall, great job and congratulations on a well-executed piece!

  • Illeana Molina

    Congrats on your nomination!! I enjoyed the color scheme of your infographic. However, I also do feel it is crowded. We indeed would not have known of the importance and or addition of what this plant can do for our ecosystem and organisms. I like how Greitin said, “With educating ourselves and others, we would be able to see that if we take one thing away, it will have a big negative impact on every living organism, including humans.” We must protect and care for our plants/ecosystems and be aware. There was important information, and it was easy to interpret.

  • Mia Garza

    This is a very interesting and informative infographic about hornworts and their importance. Before reading this infographic, I had never heard of this plant and this graphic did a great job of explaining hornworts with its information, example and multiple graphics. Overall, this infographic is visually appealing, informative on the topic, and seemed very easy to able to follow along.

  • Karicia Gallegos

    Congratulations on your nomination! The infographic was visually appealing because to the artwork and the font. Learning about hornworts was interesting because I had never heard of them before. I loved how you included an example plant. The fact that this plant can provide fish oxygen astonished me; extremely cool! Until now, I had no idea how old plants actually were. Overall, great job!

  • Greitin Rodriguez

    Every part of the environment is important and necessary to each living organism. With one thing gone from the environment it causes big effects. With educating ourselves and others, we would be able to see that if we take one thing away it will have a big negative impact on every living organism, including humans. Protecting life and plants we are making our planet secure for the future of everyone.

  • Alaina De Leon

    This infographic not only had a lot of information but it was easy to follow at that. I think the most interesting was the fish fact. I found it interesting how you put a chart in the publication its not something that you always see but very useful. I found that it fit perfectly in the best way. Great job !!

  • Kaylah Garcia

    This was an outstanding infographic! I like how descriptive you were about the history of Hornworts. Your infographic’s subject and style were highly appealing and on brand! Everything appeared to be well-done and cohesive. It’s incredible to think that these plants have been there for a very long time and contain so much life within them. I can’t image what life was like 500,000,000 years ago, but it’s amazing to think they were here. Excellent work!

  • Jacqueline Galvan

    I liked this infographic, although I felt it was a bit crowded, and I would consider changing the subtitle font. I especially liked the suggestion of adding hornworts to fish aquariums because I love that this is a plant that many can consider adding to their personal homes and furthering the lineage of these useful plants that had already spanned almost 400 million years.

  • Muhammad Hammad Zafar

    Very Knowledgeable, first time heard about the hornworts and never knew about its importance for fishes as it provides oxygen for fishes and carry out photosynthesis and very unique trait is that it is working as a site for breading and absorbing waste components.

  • Sydney Nieto

    Congratulations on your nomination. I never heard of a hornwort so learning about this was interesting. I liked how you incorporate an example plant as it helps delay the information in a different way. I was surprised to learn how this plant can provide oxygen to fish, very cool! I never realized how long plants had been around until now.

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