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November 5, 2023

Another Gender and Race Wage Gap-This Time in the Non-Profit Sector

Eva Lizarraga

I am a student at Saint Mary’s University, Class of 2024, majoring in Communication Studies and minoring in Sociology. I've grown up in San Antonio, and I love taking part in my community through voluntary or organizational programs. I find great value in serving others and building connections with them. In my free time, I enjoy reading, exploring, and spending quality time with other people.

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  • This infographic was well organized. This showed relationships between gender and wage gap. It was interesting that the fact that woman get low income but the asian CEO make much money. It helped to understand the wage gap between gender well.

  • Luis Dena

    I really liked reading this infographic, from the title to all of the color and data that was pictured I believe this was a very powerful infographic. I feel like this is a problem that has been constantly overlooked by so many of us for so long and it’s about time that changes start to happen. This is a great infographic to help people better understand the problem at hand. Good Job!

  • Joseph Sanchez

    I can feel the passion you have for this topic in your writing. It is disheartening to see that inequality is in every sector of our world, even in the sector that is specifically about supporting others. The implicit biases still present in society are a huge barrier that will not be overcome until people understand and accept that they have been engrained with biases by society since their birth. When such a large majority of the chief executives, board members, and chairs are white it is easy to imagine the difficulty women of color face when trying to advance in this field.

  • Daniel Gutierrez

    Seeing a wage gap in the non-profit sector ought to be a surprise but when oppressive polices trickle down to almost every avenue its common place. Though even though the data you outline is surely unfortunate it is great to see that amount of information that can be gained and analyzed. Seeing these figures presented allows us to see the degree in which organizations that are made to help the less fortunate are still able to contribute to inequality. great presentation of data and the themes you chose to have in your infographic ties everything nicely together

  • Atziry Juarez

    I really love the colors that were used in the infographic! It is really upsetting to see that we still face inequality till this day. Like you said we still have racist infrastructures which really brings people of color into a tight spot. I agree that there must be laws that establish equal pay since women too are facing inequality. Both women and people of color have faced this issue since the beginning of time and I hope there’s an organization that will talk more about this wage gap.

  • Vianna Villarreal

    Hello I enjoyed your infographic it was extremely informative and very different of a topic to address. I don’t think people realize that there is still a lot of work to be done when considering women’s rights and equality in the work environment. There is still a large amount of inequality in the work force with men doing the same amount of work as women CEO’s and still benefiting more than women do in the end of it. Which is not only a gender issue but a societal issue that needs to become larger than what people are viewing it as.

  • Andrea Realyvasquez

    This infographic was such a great read not only because of the crucial information it provides but how well it was set up which makes it easy for anyone to read. Biases in the workplace not only affect the women population but also those included in other minority groups. Educating ourselves on the statistics of wage gaps is meant to influence us to participate in methods that will make changes for the better. Reminding the reader that even a division that is meant to provide selfless service has its own systematic issues, that if resolved will significantly increase its influence as well as the deeds that are produced from it.

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