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November 5, 2023

Careers in Web Design Infographic

Details about Web and Branding Jobs and Career Paths.
Careers in Web Design and Branding

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Sarah Guerrero

Sarah Guerrero is currently a rising senior at St. Mary's University, majoring in Communication Studies and double minoring in Visual Communication Design and Art. She enjoys talking about film, music, photography, and education and the role that they play in our lives. Sarah is anticipated to graduate in December of 2024.

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  • igutierrez14

    Best infographic I have seen posted yet! Excellent design and easy to read facts. Greta for helping to propel people into careers in web design.

  • egonzalez95

    I love this infographic Sarah. This comes to show that with anything all is possible. As a major in Communications studies that you are it is essential to raise awareness of the importance that your major and others have on society. Communication is needed on a daily basis. We live to communicate, socialize, investigate, and experiment. We live to experience communication on a daily basis and your infographic came to me fantastically written and organized. As a Political Science major, I can certainly attest that communication is vital in today’s generation and society. We now use social media more than anything to communicate amongst each other whether it is with our families, professors, friends, workers, boss, etc. The rising issues in today’s contemporary world live through social media and the awareness it gives us in an instant. Thank you for informing me on what communication does, is, and impacts us on.

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