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Childhood Obesity in Texas

Obesity Infographic


I would like to thank Dr. Lori Boies for her help in the early stages of this project, particularly in helping me find a topic I am passionate about. I am most grateful to my parents for their encouragement to help me to see the importance of this project for how it could be helpful and useful to others in need of information.

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  1. This infographic is super informational and I think it does a good job of getting straight to the point. This is great for parents and others to understand the risk factors early on so they are capable of turning it around or monitoring it.

  2. First of all, this is the first article I have seen with the format like yours, and it is just as interesting. It really makes you want to read it! Now, I think it is very important for everyone to know about childhood obesity. This can carry into your late ages if you do not take care of your body and it can be very difficult. I really like how you narrowed it down to Texas and put statistics of the Texas population. Very well written and designed!

  3. Hi Xena! This was a super eye-opening article. I literally never would have guessed that 1 in 5 children in the United States are considered to be obese, that number is just wild to me. It makes me question American food practices and what we are doing as a country as a whole. I liked how your infographic started out with the more simplistic ideas and moved into more of the specific information as it went along. It made it easier to understand!

  4. It is a very good article in my opinion, straight to the point and very informative.

  5. Hi Xena,
    As mentioned from others, this is the first time I have seen this format submitted before. Your detail to bold certain words made it easy to read the main highlights for each section. I particularly found the “Other predictors” interesting under your “Socioeconomic status relationship”. I didn’t know before that all of those factors mentioned could relate back to childhood obesity. I learned what large-for-gestational age is and after reading this, it was surprising to learn how beneficial breastfeeding can be. Feeling having a better understanding of childhood obesity after this read through, thank you.

  6. This information is so important especially in a city like San Antonio where there is a high hispanic/latino population present. I liked that it was presented in this format because it highlights the major statistical concerns for childhood obesity. For me, seeing that 1 in 5 children in the country are obese was pretty eye opening. Another thing that I enjoyed seeing on this page was ways that childhood obesity could be prevented.

  7. This is really interesting data and I would be curious to research any other factors that affect obesity in children. I definitely think there can also be a cultural aspect to this. I really like how it includes preventions, and adds in great resources. Overall very good article that brings up a great issue that we are seeing. Would be awesome if this was shared further!

  8. This is a interesting format, not one I’ve seen many people use on The STMU research page. I really like how you provided a definition at the beginning of the article, it really gave me a Clear Understanding before reading the article. The information you provided was great and I learned a lot about childhood obesity in Texas from this article. It was surprising to me that 25.3% Hispanic children in Texas are obese The graphs you provided also helped to provide a amazing visual for the statistics in your article. Overall I’m Very impressed, this is a extraordinary article.

  9. Article was well thought out and researched. The visuals provided made this unique and eye catching! Some of the information in this article was surprising to me and kept me interested.

  10. This is a different format of an article that I have seen on the STMU research page. However, the information you provided was very essential and to the point. I learned a lot about childhood obesity in Texas from this article. I really like how you provided a definition at the beginning of the article, it gave me as a reader a better understanding of the contest before reading the article. The graphs and pictures you provided also helped to provide a good visual for the statistics within your article. It was surprising to me that 1 in 5 children in Texas are defined as obese. Overall very interesting article.

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