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The Silent Killer – The Effects of Tobacco in the U.S.

Tobacco Infographic


I would like to thank my parents for their support and constant encouragement throughout the writing process. I am also indebted to Dr.Boies and Diana Donnel for their assistance in the editing phase of the project. And I am most grateful to Dr. Boies for her encouragement to help me to see the importance of this project for how it could be helpful and useful to others.

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  1. Hi Samantha, you presented many facts about tobacco, some of which are known nationwide and some that are still unknown to many people and should be available to the public. Through this poster, you depicted certain facts that are not known to the public and you condense all those facts into one page which gives you new information mixed in with prior knowledge. Great poster.

  2. Smoking creates harmful impact on human due to dangerous toxic substances. E-cigar contains nicotine which results premature death, heart disease, lung cancer and many more. Tobacco contains variety of toxic substances. In early stage, different respiratory disease symptoms are found which later turn to incurable diseases. Prevention is better than cure. It is better to stop smoking in early stage instead of suffering in later life. Suffering from multiple diseases will increase possibility of incurable disease. That’s how smoking is like intaking poison. To lead a better healthy life smoking should be avoided.

  3. I think you did a great job of covering the major aspects of what nicotine addiction really is. Not only is it a highly addictive chemical, but it can also cause cancer which is something I feel needs more attention in general so it was good that you highlighted that point. I didn’t realize how young someone can begin smoking nicotine, so that kind of blew my mind.

  4. We were taught the DARE program growing up so I find the specifics really interesting. This graphic is so informational and important to impressionable teens as they begin making decisions that they may not be educated about.

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