The Silent Killer – The Effects of Tobacco in the U.S.

Tobacco Infographic


I would like to thank my parents for their support and constant encouragement throughout the writing process. I am also indebted to Dr.Boies and Diana Donnel for their assistance in the editing phase of the project. And I am most grateful to Dr. Boies for her encouragement to help me to see the importance of this project for how it could be helpful and useful to others.

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  1. Hi Samantha! This infographic was very informational and extremely easy to follow along. I didn’t realize that smoking had rose that much within such a short amount of time. Especially within middle and high schoolers. The stats that you provided was very informational and eye opening. Good luck with the award ceremony!

  2. Your infographic was super information, I do not think the public realizes the severity of tobacco use. I had no realization of the numbers of the rise of e-cigarettes. There are so many health reasons that I do not think smokers take into consideration; not only are they causing their health to deteriorate but others as well. I hope many learn from your infographic.

  3. Hello Samantha,
    First of all, congratulation on your nomination and getting your poster published!
    This is a very well-written and creative poster. The use of information for this poster is excellent chosen and the graphics add more style to the poster. I’m hoping that people can understand that smoking can be really bad and the consequences can attempt to your life.
    Overall, great information and poster itself, and good luck!

  4. An amazing poster! The information was extremely easy to read and the images supported the information while not distracting the reader. Additionally, the information is extremely pertinent today because of how common tobacco use is within teens and college students. Congratulations!

  5. First of all, I love the format of your article. It is very unique and could be used as a newspaper around a school. It is crazy to think that smokers will live 14 years less than a non-smoker. I love how you added that fact because I had no idea. I like how you added the diseases that can be caused by the use of tobacco. It can be very addictive to people that start that they forget about the risks that they are taking. Your article was very well written and very informative!

  6. This was a very interesting graph to look at, especially because tobacco is used widely today. Young people are purchasing electronic cigarettes. My concern is that we really do not know the long-term consequences of these electronic cigarettes because it is our generation that barely starting using them. Will it increase the chances of cancer? Will it have other negative effects on our health? We really do not know yet, and that is concerning.

  7. This is a very well done informative graph. This caught my attention because tobacco usage in our country and especially our generation is concerning. Seeing all the statistics of the effects of tobacco in people is both fascinating and alarming. I hope this article brings more awareness and concern to people who use tobacco. Overall very good information and graphs.

  8. A very well done informative graphic and did a great job at showing the general readers how bad tobacco can be for you and that it most likely be you last time if you do decide to try it out. I also liked how you showed the different names it goes under and how many people it kills on a average. You also did a good job in just general design of the article since it looked very formal and professional.

  9. Great job Sam
    Very informative shared with my high schooler to share with classmates.
    Awsome information

  10. A very well informative article I sure hope people understand the consequences of smoking and also how bad second hand smoking can harm you just like if you smoked yourself. Great Article.

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