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  • I like this info graphic. I am interested in helping kids. This info graphic is talking about how to help kids well. I like to share this with someone who is interested in this topic and have a kid. Thank you for sharing this infographic with us and thank you for your effort. I want to discuss about this topic with my friends.

  • Eugenio Gonzalez

    The infographic has a nice introduction where it provides the audience with questions. Before going over this infographic I had an idea about Chip but I did not know how people qualify for that service. The infographic was very informative and it did a great job of clarifying how people can qualify for this service. I liked how the authors listed the several companies that cover the services of Chip.

  • Elizabeth Santos

    This is a great infographic and I really like the beginning where it asks the audience questions. The way the eligibility criteria are presented is eye-catching and the flow of the information is really helpful for learning about the resource. I also like the progression and impact portion, it is a really important highlight for understanding. Overall, this is a great community resource.

  • Mikayla Trejo

    This information is relevant, and should be widespread. I was unaware of CHIP, and after this information I will be sure to spread it. The way you stated information was clear and concise, while also being catchy and eye catching. Thank you for sharing such important information.

  • Alexis Silva

    I love the structure of this infographic! The colors are very soft and go nicely together. The way the information is broken down makes it easier to understand. CHIP is a resource that many families would benefit from but do not know about or how to apply. By reading this infographic the readers can grasp a clear understanding of what CHIP is, who qualifies, and how to apply.

  • Silvia Benavides

    This infographic was fascinating in defining CHIP and why it’s helpful. It was easy to read and it got straight to the point. I enjoyed the specific benefits noted on the infographic. I believe that adding the link on how to apply to CHIP can be a helpful tool. This was delightfully done.

  • Daniel Olivares

    Hello Vianna very informative infographic I liked your use of text bubbles that asked the reader the right questions to see whether or not they would qualify. Thank you for including all the health care plans and benefits there are to CHIP. Great use of stats to showcase how effective CHIP has been in insuring children across the nation, also good bibliography citing your sources.

  • Johana Solís

    Really well-done infographic!! Loved the way the intro was made, and the clouds really did get my attention with the questions. Also loved how it got straight to the point and was very informational. The icons that were used really did fit the infographic very well. It is unfortunate that not a lot of people can afford insurance and this infographic provides information on how to apply and what it provides for the children.

  • Julieta Cortez

    Good Morning, I really enjoyed analyzing your infographic!While I was going through it I noticed that I was drawn to the boldness of the letters and also the light colors, I think this really ties it all together. I liked that this infographic is simple and straight to the point. While analyzing your infographic I noticed that I did not get confused along the way and fully understood everything.

  • Ana Barrientos

    The title of the infographic is bold and it catches your attention right away. I think the colors that were used were perfect for the infographic and the icons/pictures fit perfectly with the message. The infographic was simple and straight to the point, it didn’t over complicate the message or make it confusing. Overall, it was a great info graphic.

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