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November 3, 2023

Neuroinformatics: A Look Inside the Brain Through Bioinformatics


I would like to thank Dr. Lori Boies for allowing me the opportunity to investigate this topic and allow me to bring awareness to this growing field of bioinformatics. I would also like to extend my gratitude to my fellow classmates and friends for their support during the research and editing periods of this project. 

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  • Great inforgraphic. I really like how you layered the infographic so that it is divided into neuroinformatics and the informatics of neurodegenerative diseases. It is very interesting the many methods that are needed just for exporing the basics of the very complex brain. I think that further explanation in the applications of Alzheimer’s would be great, as it is confusing to understand what “implemented the methodological pipeline in R” is, and knowing what brain parts that alzheimer’s affect would also be nice in the infographic.

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