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Depression in Teens

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  1. Your infographic honestly has so much information that is often overlooked. I loved how you not only gave information on depression itself but you also gave useful resources. In todays world depression is gaining more attention and isn’t something people are afraid to talk about anymore. It was a great idea to base it mostly around teens and college kids. Congratulations on your nominations, it was definitely earned.

  2. I personally love this info-graphic. It was so well put together and it was very straightforward with the perfect amount of information available. Depression is such a sensitive topic to talk about, but you did an awesome job showing the symptoms and the statistics of it. Depression is such a widespread issue, particularly with high school and college students, so it’s a good thing you shed some light on this topic. Congrats on the nominations and good job!

  3. This was very straight forward with important and necessary information. Mental health is a growing concern but still retains stigma. Thank you for talking about such a difficult topic.

  4. Depression is always a huge concern for mental health that caused a lot of trouble for us but some are still careless about depression. The symptom sometimes would be hard to diagnose because some people who are depressed but they hide it inside and then it became too late to know and they suicided. It is a great infographic with the fundamental understanding and how to diagnose people with depression so we can notice people we loved and help them.

  5. First I want to say congratulations on your nomination! This infographic is really nicely put together; it covers fundamental understandings of depression, and the facts you present demonstrate how common it is among young adults, as well as the gravity of this issue.  It was simple to read and understand while still having a strong message. Great job!

  6. Hi Brianna! This was a wonderful infographic to read. As someone who has been diagnosed with depression, it was very interesting to see how it affects women more than it does men. I didn’t know there were multiple different tests that could have been done in order to diagnose someone with depression. I really enjoyed reading this and good luck at the award ceremony.

  7. Hi Brianna,
    Your article is very informative and very direct. Normally when you see or read an article on topics such as depression you get paragraphs on top of paragraphs, but you hit the most important points in one visual. It is so heartbreaking that the age group hit the hardest by this is so young, and even more so with the divide between women and men is so much. Maybe your next article topic could be about the difference between men and women when it comes to dealing with depression? Overall, great job:)

  8. Hello Brianna,
    First of all, congratulations on your nomination and getting your infographic published!
    I personally loved this infographic! Depression can be a sensitive topic, but you did an excellent job! It was very easy and pleasing to read and understand. Most of all, very informative on an issue that hurts millions with not a lot of attention towards the issue. Thank you for spreading and bringing awareness to such an important mental illness.
    Overall, what an incredible work and good luck!

  9. Your infographic is so well written and I think it highlights the percentage of teens that can have depression. Since your statistics surround the age of high school/ college kids I think this was a great choice to write an infographic on.

  10. Congratulations on your nominations! I think this infographic is very well put together. I like how you showed the symptoms and how someone gets diagnosed. Depression has such a large impact on so many people. Not many people are as open about depression as we should be. This is a great way to spread awareness!

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