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April 5, 2022

E-Cigarette Usage Among the Youth

E-Cigarette Infographic
E-Cigarette Usage Among the Youth

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Midori Flores

I am a first-generation, senior Environmental Science major with a Biology minor and will be graduating in May 2022. Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, I am very excited to move to Boston, MA soon to start my PhD in Biological Sciences in Public Health at Harvard University where I hope to study Space Toxicology. I am currently the President of the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) St. Mary's chapter, Founder and Vice President of StMU Humanitarians, and have been a MARC U*STAR scholar for almost 2 years. I also angle myself as a business-scientist, as I have authored a children's book (We Are All Human) and avidly market it to bookstores/bookshops. In my summers as a St. Mary's student, I have completed research projects at Michigan State University, Rutgers University, and with University of Louisville.

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  • Elizabeth Santos

    Hi Midori! Congratulations on this well-deserved award! I was surprised to learn from your infographic that middle school aged children are using e-cigarettes. This is a very scary and very real trend that is taking over. I think many people assume that an e-cigarette is less harmful than the normal one. However, it is clear that there are detrimental effects as presented on your infographic. This is really important to be aware of, and I am interested to see what future studies will find.

  • Xavier Bohorquez

    This feels like an infographic that a professional counselor/doctor would give to a patient and I love the realism you put into it. This amount of pictures in the infographic shows and draws your attention to the importance of e-cigarettes. The makers make you want to read the specific details and the colorful pictures show a sense of comfort. Love the topic and I wish that more people can draw attention to this as well.

  • Bijou Davant

    This infographic is laid out and decorated so nicely! It is eye catching and the wording is quick and informative. E-Cigarettes have so many bad effects on health beyond just messing up our lungs and they are not advertised enough!

  • Gaitan Martinez

    I do appreciate the fact you wanna bring attention to E-cigs, but in reality, kids won’t care. All they care about is being popular and easily giving in to social norms. No matter how harmful they are, or what they represent, kids will use them anyway. Very informative and well delivered infographic, but I doubt it’ll actually make these kids rethink their habit. After all, people still smoke cigarettes even though they’re harmful as well.

  • Olivia Flores

    Congratulations on the award! This infographic definitely deserved it as it was very informative on a pressing issue that many students are facing today. Not only was it displayed very well it contained some serious facts about vaping that I can guarantee most young children don’t even know. This is the kind of infographic that needs to be showed in classrooms and to a teenage population to make them aware of the negative affects of this serious issue. It is a very relevant topic and I liked how you put the number at the bottom of the infographic just in case anyone needs it. Overall what a great job!

  • Rosa Inocencio

    Very interesting and creative infographic! This infographic touches base on a topic that used to be heard a lot but then eventually stopped. I really liked that it was brought up into people’s attention again. I also really liked that it showed the effects of using an E-cigarette and the resources to help those who are addicted to it. I also really liked the color and the font size, it was very eye catching and very readable, Great Infographic!

  • Andrew Ponce

    Infographics like this are useful in more ways than simply informing. Graphics such as this create proactiveness and an eager feeling within them do teach others about this topic. The color scheme of this graphic is very appealing to the audience and catches the reader’s eye. The mix of statistics and visuals was set very evenly. This along with the added resources that were offered, made this a great infographic. Great work!

  • Juan Aguirre Ramirez

    Hey Midori, congrats on the nomination for your awesome infographic! I really liked how you presented the information in a visually appealing way, and it was really informative as well. It’s really sad that there is so much misinformation out there about e-cigarettes, and it’s great that you’re spreading awareness about the harm they can cause. I think it’s important for everyone, especially adolescents, to understand the negative impact vaping can have on our health and finances.

  • Yaniev Ibarra

    Congratulations on the award Midori! This was such a captivating infographic. Ecigs are not cool and your design made the topic of ecigs terrifying, also knowing they are horrible for the human health. I hope anyone struggling with addiction is able to get the help they need before it is too late.

  • Analyssa Garcia

    This is a pretty neat infographic with a very relevant topic, especially today. I think the pictures were very cool and I liked that it was easy on the eyes. It’s also very nice of you to add support resources. Good job

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