E-Cigarette Usage Among the Youth

E-Cigarette Infographic

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  1. Hi Midori, it is a really well decorated and informative infographic, you deserved this nomination. I saw some of my friends did ask me if I want to try e-cigarettes and told me that it is not as harmful as a normal cigarette but I knew that it was misinformation. They caused a lot of problem to our health and their smell were not nice also. Especially for this adolescent age, it was a waste of money to purchase and addict to them.

  2. Hi Midori! I wanted to say congratulations on the nomination for best infographic! Overall, it was short and sweet but still got the point across. It let readers like me to easily follow along and know the harms of e-cigs and how it has influenced the new generation. I have had a lot of friends go through phases with these things so I understand how harmful and impactful it can be to those who use it. Good luck at the award ceremony!

  3. Midori,

    This is great information. E-cigarettes, vape pens, etc. were not an issue when I was a student, but their prevalence is certainly noticeable now. To me it seems that the use of vape pens and e-cigarettes are more common place than cigarette use. Your statistics showing the increase in adolescent tobacco use tends to support that as well. This unsettling regression gives the impression that any efforts to thwart adolescent tobacco use is failing. However, I am hopeful that students like you are making an effort to shed light on the associated health risks and that so many of your colleagues are also showing concern. Thank you for putting this together, and again well done.

  4. Hello Midori,
    First of all, congratulations on your nomination and getting your infographic published!
    Your topic’s choice is pretty interesting, considering that nowadays, teenagers are more attracted to cigarettes, drugs, and popularizing e-cigarettes. Your infographic opens the space for students to learn in an accessible format the consequences of taking cigarettes and how they can impact their lives.
    Overall, great work and good luck!

  5. Hey Midori! Congratulations on your nomination! You have done an excellent job in your format and writing style. I got interested in your article as it talked about a topic that surrounds teenagers every time, cigarettes and drugs. Thanks to your article I could understand more about this topic and get important information with references. Your infographic opens the space for students to learn in an accessible format the consequences of taking cigarettes and how they can impact their lives. Again, Congratulations!

  6. Hello, Midori. Your infographic caught my attention greatly, and I truly feel this is a topic that should be discussed more among young teenagers. I have a couple of friends that regularly use these products (particularly the vape pens), and, although I respect their choice to do whatever they please, I am mainly concerned about their health, which is something you definitely pointed out on your graphic. I have seen what these products are capable of doing to our youth and beyond, so your infographic can most certainly contribute to the prevention of E-cigarette usage. Great job, and congratulations on your nomination!

  7. Hello Midori,
    First of I wanted to say congratulations on getting published that is a huge accomplishment! Additionally, I really liked your choice of a topic I was intrigued because it is something that I feel is increasingly affecting our generations. I remember growing up when these first came out to get people to stop smoking and now it has become an addiction on its own. I am sure to share the points made on this infographic with my friends! Nonetheless, great job!

  8. Love the format of the article and how it looks like a newspaper that could be put in schools! It is very well written and very informative. The vapes and the pens were very popular in my high school and it was so sad to see my high school people using them when they are not fully developed in the brain. I love how you use that fact because it is so true and using these products can slow that down even more! Great work on this article.

  9. I remember when vapes took over my high school a couple years back, it was kind of weird since I had never heard of them before including most of my school. Even though the main argument my classmates made that it was better for you compared to cigs and drugs, I knew that was probably just what their dealer told them, so I didn’t trust it at all. Sure enough a few years later all the news came out that vapes were just as bad.

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