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E-Cigarette Usage Among the Youth

E-Cigarette Infographic

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  1. Congratulations on your award. Personally I have never vaped. The risks and affects that e cigarettes can have on your body aren’t worth it for me. I think your infographic has some great information and brings awareness to young kids who want to start. In my opinion, when young kids start vaping, it’s not necessarily for the feeling it gives you it’s more of trying to fit in.

  2. I want to start off by saying Congratulations on your award. This is a really good article and it really focuses on the issues that we as teens and young adults are having. As life continues to go on, you see more and more people smoking vapes and e-cigarettes. I feel as though some people just do it for fun, while others really do need it, as it helps them to focus and not stress as much. I really enjoyed this article and how you provided a lot of important information about something that has risen in the world.

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