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Heart Disease: America’s Deadliest Disease

Heart Disease Infographic

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  1. Your infographic is packed with useful information; it appears a little crowded, but it all works nicely together. I’d heard a lot about heart disease, but I didn’t truly understand what it was and how it affected people. The first data you provided was eye-opening in terms of the prevalence of this problem. Congratulations on your nomination and great job raising awareness about this issue!

  2. I like this infographic about heart diseases that can raise people’s awareness of how deadly this disease is that silently killed us through our everyday unhealthy consumption. Both of my parents have potential risks of heart disease, and I am also concerned about my heart health. Usually heart disease came from unhealthy food and daily activities, so I am trying my best to be on track with healthy routine: exercise more and reduce fast food.

  3. Hi Kaitlyn! This was a wonderful infographic about such a silent killer. I never realized how many people were affected by heart disease. It makes me look at everything a little different, especially because it does affect so many people. I never thought that heart disease could start as young as 20, that was very mind blowing for me. Thank you for bringing awareness to this and good luck at the ceremony!

  4. Hi Kaitlyn, great infographic! It was extremely informative and eye opening. I didn’t know these statistics for heart disease. One of the ones that shocked me the most is the fact that 1 person every 40 seconds has a heart attack in the United States. I really liked the quote promoting healthy habits as a great way to start taking care of yourself. I also liked how you provided resources for people to look at for more information. Thank you for spreading awareness to this issue! Great work!

  5. Your infographic was great and got straight to the point. I do like how you listed the symptoms but still said it takes a professional diagnosis to truly do anything. It was concerning reading how much it affects people on a daily basis but thank you for teaching me new information.

  6. Hello Kaitlyn,
    First of all, congratulations on your nomination and getting your infographic published!
    I enjoyed reading your infographic and learned a lot while reading it. Heart disease is a huge problem that can make a big impact in thousands of people, and should spread more awareness. The information used on the infographic was reliable, and the design, the pallet of colors, was eye pleasant.
    Overall, amazing work and good luck!

  7. Hi Kaitlyn! Congratulations on your infographic! I enjoyed your article and how you gave references from the CDC. Heart disease is a big problem that impacts thousands of people, and it should be discussed more about it. Thank you for offering tips on protecting from heart disease and its symptoms. I also liked how you added the CDC link at the bottom of the page so we, as readers, can go and look for more reliable information. Again, Congratulations!

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