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This is a new genre that some of the students in PO 2302 Civic Engagement & Social Action decided to attempt above and beyond their actual assignment to help our class design ways to disseminate their research and presentations beyond our small group. To qualify to publish, students had to further edit their work and make the presentation more engaging by following a story arc and by removing most text and adding transition and morphing effects wherever possible. I am grateful to my entire class this Fall 2022 for taking on this challenge and for working above and beyond their course requirements to help us experiment with a new format for publishing on the StMU Research Scholars website Project coordinated by Dr Brad Whitener.

Dr Céline

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  1. Congrats Sarah on your nomination. I enjoyed learning about this fearless, female latina. It’s important, for not only latinas, but all women, to have a conviction and the courage to voice it. Hearing a story of struggles and overcoming obstacles can give others hope to keep up the good fight, to keep pressing forward and to believe good will come from that. Congrats again and well done.

  2. This is really an amazing video. The video’s setup is excellent, in my opinion. It’s different now.  The story being communicated is quite potent. Because it applies to both me and many of the people I know, I truly dig reading articles like this. We must continue to highlight pieces that are educational about women who have faced challenges but also overcame them to improve their communities. This is a really interesting video.

  3. First of all congratulations on your nomination I really enjoyed listening to your PowerPoint. I think Erika Andiola is really making it accessible for Hispanics and is also a really hard-working and empowering woman, that the Hispanic Community can see as a figure of a role model for future generations and even current generations. Great to see that there are women out there opening the path for young women and women are trying to break out of the patriarchal way of thinking wonderful article.

  4. Congratulations on your nomination! I really enjoyed listening to your article it was definitely different from other articles. I love anything that talks about powerful strong woman. I love how more and more articles are popping up and getting the recognition it deserves.

  5. What a great article Sarah ! Congratulations on your nomination ! I enjoyed reading your article! The topic of female empowerment always touches my heart and gets me emotional. Overall your article was great congratulations on your nomination again best of luck 🙂

  6. I had a great time reading your article. This article is about a powerful woman, I can say that much. We need to keep bringing forth enlightening pieces about women who have faced challenges but also triumphed and changed their communities. It was really well done in this video. Well done for receiving a nomination!

  7. Hello Sarah! I really enjoyed listening to your article. I can say this article is about a strong women. We need to keep on bringing up informative articles about women who have struggled but also overcame this and made a change in the community. This video was very well done.Nice work on getting a nominee!

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