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Rolihlahla Mandela

This is a new genre that some of the students in PO 2302 Civic Engagement & Social Action decided to attempt above and beyond their actual assignment to help our class design ways to disseminate their research and presentations beyond our small group. To qualify to publish, students had to further edit their work and make the presentation more engaging by following a story arc and by removing most text and adding transition and morphing effects wherever possible. I am grateful to my entire class this Fall 2022 for taking on this challenge and for working above and beyond their course requirements to help us experiment with a new format for publishing on the StMU Research Scholars website Project coordinated by Dr Brad Whitener.

Dr Céline

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  1. First off I want to say congratulations on your article being nominated for an award This is the second time where an article was a video and I really enjoy them. I always wonder about Nelson Mandela since he is the reason for what we know now as the Mandela effect. I was really excited to learn more about him and your article was very informative. Congratulations on your article being nominated for an award. Well deserved!

  2. Cheers on your publishing; you did an excellent job overall! Even just viewing your video taught me a lot! One of the many interesting things I discovered about Mandela was that he was an attorney who founded the first black legal firm in the country. Your video definitely piqued my interest in this subject of conversation. It was well-structured and highly informative.

  3. I love your creativity with doing a video ! It definitely stood out to me ! Congratulations on your nomination! Mandela had been known and recognized world widely for the impact that he had made in the world ! Im glad you were able to inform others who may not have known as much about him. Again congratulations on your nomination and best of luck 🙂

  4. Mandela is a very powerful man and he is important. I really enjoyed watching this video and watching how you focused on the importance of Mandela. Learning about him is very interesting and knowing how he impacted the world is just worth knowing. He is a very important person and this video focuses on the importance of Mandela. Great article and I learned a lot.

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