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Pilgrimage, Penance, and Revolution: Cesar Chavez

This is a new genre that some of the students in PO 2302 Civic Engagement & Social Action decided to attempt above and beyond their actual assignment to help our class design ways to disseminate their research and presentations beyond our small group. To qualify to publish, students had to further edit their work and make the presentation more engaging by following a story arc and by removing most text and adding transition and morphing effects wherever possible. I am grateful to my entire class this Fall 2022 for taking on this challenge and for working above and beyond their course requirements to help us experiment with a new format for publishing on the StMU Research Scholars website Project coordinated by Dr Brad Whitener.

Dr Céline

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6 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your award nomination! I love these video articles and being able to listen to them. I think everyone has at least have a little knowledge on Cesar Chavez. I love that you incorporated some of the events that are happening today and how Cesar Chavez affected it.

  2. Great video, very informative, and also congratulations on your nomination. Cesar Chavez’s words were really impactful and important to those who were farm workers. I knew very little about him and I got a good a lot of good information from the video. I was not aware of many things like he went to the navy or that they did the 25-day fast. Overall great video and hoping for more in the future.

  3. Congratulations on your nomination ! Overall this was such a great article. It was super organized and easy to read ! The imagery stood out to me and the article was super informative! I learned a lot of things while reading this article im glad you were able to organize this well! Congratulations again, best of luck 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the publication! This was a very inspirational video. It was very interesting to learn about how Ceasar Chavez was influenced by Martin Luther King. The video was very entertaining and very informative. I like the use of current events involved in your video.

  5. First, congratulations on your nomination! Cesar Chavez is such an important figure in Mexican American history, and his fight for farm workers gave a voice to Mexican Americans. I’ve heard of Cesar Chavez before, but I didn’t know he served in the Navy for two years and I also didn’t know he got inspiration from Gandhi and did the 25 days fast. Overall, I enjoyed how you told his story and great job!

  6. Great video Emmanuel! Ceasar Chavez is an important person that I personally think we should all know a little something about. Its good to know he was inspired by Martin Luther King. The video was very informative , and i like the fact your mentioning current events that we still continue today because of CC. Great job on getting published!

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