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Gloria Steinem’s Journey

This is a new genre that some of the students in PO 2302 Civic Engagement & Social Action decided to attempt above and beyond their actual assignment to help our class design ways to disseminate their research and presentations beyond our class. To qualify to publish, students had to further edit their work and make the presentation more engaging by following a story arc and by removing most text and adding transition and morphing effects wherever possible. I am grateful to my entire class this Fall 2022 who took on this challenge and who worked above and beyond their course requirements to help us experiment with a new format for publishing on the StMU Research Scholars website.

Dr Céline

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  1. This is a very interesting video. I really like how the video thing is set up. It is different. I can see you put a lot of effort into this, and it is a very powerful story being told. I really enjoy reading things like this because it relates to me and many people that I am around. I always like learning different things and especially this topic which is about women’s empowerment. Great video.

  2. Congratulations on your nomination. I think this was a really interesting video on how women have struggled throughout the years with voicing their opinions to begin with. It was a great representation of women’s oppression in a way since even though her opinion and problems were voiced they weren’t actually taken care of or treated properly amazing article congratulations once again.

  3. What a interesting video ! I never Heard of of gloria before! Overall, i think it was creative that you made a video! Usually videos are easier to listen too over reading a big article! Women empowerment always touches my heart in a emotional way ! Great job on organizing this and being creative congratulations on your nomination! Best of luck !

  4. This video was very entertaining. The explanation of why it took so long for women to gain equality was excellent. In this film, her accomplishments were wonderfully well-reported. It caught my attention and held it throughout. She had a strong passion for the subject and a strong determination to support and fight for it. This was a fantastic method to raise awareness of the subject! Cheers on your publication!

  5. Hi Kaitlyn! I really enjoyed this video. Women’s rights were such a hard thing to establish equal to men for so long. And with women like Gloria Steinem finally we start to see some change. She really is an inspiration. This video was really good explaining her accomplishments. Congratulations on getting your article published!!

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