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November 5, 2023

Henry B Gonzalez Goes To Washington

Infographic designed by Andrew Ramon Fall 2023

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  • Eugenio Gonzalez

    Hello Andrew, I enjoyed the background presented it was a great way to describe the road of Henry B. Gonzalez. I also liked the infographic’s title because it reminds the reader that Henry B. Gonzalez was a St.Mary’s alumni. It is impressive how Herny B. Gonzalez managed to filibuster for 36 hours demonstrating his will to defend his values. Overall, it has a great infographic that counts with crucial information and excellent visuals.

  • igutierrez14

    I did not know about Henry B Gonzalez before this infographic, and now I am interested in learning so much more! He seems like a very intelligent man who worked hard for our rights throughout his life. Good infographic, I appreciate the timeline format.

  • jhollowell

    The structure of this infographic was perfect for the way you described Congressman Gonzalez’s journey. Not only is it impressive that he set a record at 36 hours filibustering. I did not know he was the first Mexican-American Texas Senator.

  • egonzalez95

    I love the details you provided on Henry B. Gonzalez and the contributions that he made. I can certainly say that I did not know who he was until today. Knowing that he was part of the St. Mary’s Community as a student makes me feel that it is just in the college to provide excellent education and diligence in his work. I love that you offered the image of the plaque of who he was and what he did. As Henry served the community and became the first Mexican American elected to the State Senate, knowing the background and story that led him to be a great role model for the entire country as he delivered his service was fundamental. The most significant contribution Henry made was one that impacted the city of San Antonio, where he decided to develop and bring a world’s fair to downtown San Antonio. From that, tourism increased in San Antonio. All the enforcement and execution led by Henry led to the successful accomplishments reigning forever in San Antonio and throughout the country.

  • Mikayla Trejo

    Truthfully, I did not know who Henry B Gonzalez was. Thank you for sharing his story. The fact that he protested for 36 hours straight is incredibly impressive. Thank her for providing detail in an engaging and eye-catching way. I appreciate how this information was relevant to the community we are in, as most of us are Hispanic and we go to school in San Antonio.

  • Alexis Silva

    I really liked the image use of the road to present this information as a roadmap. The information was presented nicely, however, I would recommend a more neutral tone for the background. I like how the title automatically grabs your attention. Henry B. Gonzalez was an influential individual and this infographic does an excellent job at telling his story and contributions.

  • Azariel Del Carmen

    I only recently learned about the HemisFair mainly after searching on Google about the Tower of the Americas. Never did I read more into the event itself to find out that a StMU alumni was the person who pushed for such a event to happen not only here in San Antonio but also in Texas in general. I always wondered who he was because of the Convention Center but after seeing this infographic in more detail, I realized not only did he serve us back then, but he was one of the first Mexican-American senators in the US government as well. The information here was really interesting to learn about regarding someone who had a impact in our community overall.

  • Silvia Benavides

    The visuals were very well done and pleasing to look at. I enjoyed all of the information provided. I believe the pictures were very helpful and fit in perfectly with the theme. Awesome job Andrew!

  • Daniel Olivares-Vazquez

    Great to learn about a STMU alumni who went on to do great things in the House of Representatives after receiving a education in Texas and St. Mary’s. Impressive that he filibustered against segregation for 36 hours in a row as well as serving for a very long time in the House. He was also a veteran and born from immigrant parents Im sure he made his family proud nice to know the background behind his name now when I see it on campus.

  • Johana Solís

    As someone who was born and raised in San Antonio, I have only heard about Henry b Gonzalez by the convention center located downtown. It is nice to put a face to that name. Love how the title mention “goes to Washington” and the infographic is made like a timeline and a road. Do not know if it was intentional but I thought it was genius.

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