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November 5, 2023

Struggles of the Latino Community: LULAC

Infographic Designed by Ana Barrientos F23

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Ana Barrientos

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  • Eugenio Gonzalez

    The infographic was straightforward and effective in explaining the purpose of LULAC. Prior to reviewing the infographic I had some knowledge about LULAC but I never expected it to be an important organization nationwide. I was really surprised to find out that LULAC counts 1,000 councils around the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Overall, the infographic is well-structured and written.

  • igutierrez14

    This is a good infographic for basic information on someone who is looking to join LULAC! Hopefully, this creator has made others for people who want to learn more about the cases and how LULAC has helped them.

  • egonzalez95

    Good evening, Ana. I hope you’re doing well. I agree with you that Latinos have always faced discrimination and prejudice from other groups or individuals. As you indicated, LULAC campaigns for issues that affect the Hispanic community, such as immigration reform, education, employment, voting rights, and access to healthcare. The association participates in many community service initiatives to enhance the well-being of Hispanic individuals and families in the United States. I appreciate that you included the Supreme Court rulings since they play an essential role in how Hispanics began to participate in the political process and contribute to their community. One of the key takeaways from LULAC is that President Domingo Garcia has stated that he would continue to work for civil freedoms and education.

  • A'marie Pollard

    I remember reading this infographic in my Civic Engagement class. I think the time and dedication put into the inforgraphic is clear. The template choice is beautiful and does the topic justice. I did not know LULAC existed I am glad I was able to learn more about LULAC and what it stands for. I think this was a well thought out topic.

  • Vianna Villarreal

    In latino politics we neglect to realize the struggles of many Latino Americans who have felt unwilling or unmotivated to get their word out and use their right to vote. With many complications and technicalities in order to be able to vote now it becomes extremely unmotivating. However groups like LULAC are groups who come together to cause change and be the reason why these people are motivated and educated on what voting really means.

  • Lauren Sahadi

    Very beautiful infographic. I would like to know more about some of the struggles of the Latino community. It was in the tittle but it only talked about the organization. Other than that the information on the organization was very good. I just wished there was more information on specific struggles that the latino community has faced and how it ties into the infographic.

  • Mikayla Trejo

    Thank you for sharing information about an organization that is held so dear to the Latino community. As a latina I irresponsibly did not know much about Lulac before this class. Upon learning about this organization, I was touched and pleased to know that there are resources and advocates for our community. Thank you for expanding on this even further. This info graphic was in enlightening and relevant to our community.

  • Alexis Silva

    I really enjoyed this infographic! The colors help represent the Latino community and the information is conveyed clearing. LULAC is an important organization that has been protecting the civil rights for Mexican Americans. By highlighting LULAC, you have provided an additional resource to learn more about influential Mexican Americans

  • Azariel Del Carmen

    I have never heard of LULAC up until now. You explained well what LULAC is and what they do and how they were made which is a nice addition to their story. I will say that I would have wanted to learn more on what rights they advocated for that were successfully been able to be made so there would be a good idea on what they already done for the Latino community like what each court case they took part in got for Latinos. While you do present a good explanation on what they advocate, this was just a small detail I would like to have learned more Overall the infographic is decent I will say.

  • Silvia Benavides

    I really like the colors of the infographic. I truly wish more information was provided as this is a very important topic. I enjoyed I enjoyed the supreme court cases shown but I wish there was more information about them.

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