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October 31, 2023

Kinship Analysis in Forensic Science

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Lori Boies and Mrs. Duesterhoeft for their guidance and support throughout the process and direction in the early stages of this research project. I am also grateful for my classmates, and colleagues for their thoughtful feedback on my work. I would also like to acknowledge my family for their encouragement and understanding throughout this project. Their patience and support have been a constant source of motivation.

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Destiny O’Keefe

I was born and raised in Southern California in the Aerospace Valley. Upon graduation in Spring 2024, receiving my bachelor’s degree in Forensic Science with an emphasis in Biology, I plan to continue my education pursuing a Masters degree in Genetic Counseling.

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Atziry Juarez

I loved this infographic! I did not know that genetic analysis can do so much for the people. It’s really fascinating to see how the kinship analysis can solve deceased long criminal cases. It also helps with paternity tests and solving rape cases which shows how effective this new analysis can be. I believe technology is always advancing, because of this we can hopefully use this as an advantage to help our community for the better.



1:34 pm

Joseph Sanchez

I am not well versed in biology or genealogy but your infographic was easy to understand and I feel properly introduced to the concept of Kinship tests. It sounds like a rapidly developing field, which may be because our technology is advancing or because of the practical applications of this field of science. It is motivating to hear that this form of research was purely conceptual last century but this century has been completely realized, enough so that it is recognizable evidence by law.



1:34 pm

A’marie Pollard

I enjoyed your infographic it helped me to better understand what a kinship analysis is. I love to learn about things that don’t pertain to my major. The infographic was clear and concise the pictures were present and helped to better explain what was going on. Kindship analysis helps with the greater good. Whether that be finding out a rapist, paternity test, our solving a murder.



1:34 pm

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