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December 11, 2016

The First Crusade

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Danielle A. Garza

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  • Andrew Petri

    This article is very good and the video does a great job at associating the pictures with the topic. The crusades, in my opinion, were a dark part of the church’s history. The use of maps in the video made it easy to understand where the crusades took place and how it relates to us today. I think that its interesting that since Christianity is so against violence and killing, but the crusades defied all of that, even if the church did feel that it was for a just cause.

  • Dalton Moy

    This was a great video. It explained lead up to the Crusades, what went on during them, and what the outcome was. It is sad to see what Christians thought was the right thing to do at the time. This was a very messy period where different religions were at each other’s throats and decided to resort to violence, rather than trying to find peace. The Crusades are interesting to learn about, because they were very influential, and this video does a great job of brining the 1st of them to life.

  • Joshua Garza

    There are things I like and dislike about the crusades. I like the crusades because in my opinion it is literally the most epic battle of all time over the most epic and known reason to fight in human history. I don’t like the crusades for the same reason I frown upon certain other attempts of invasion; religion. These crusades bring out the dark side of what religion can do to man and drive them mad which in my opinion is not worth wanting to kill over.

  • Claudia Sanchez

    Great film on the first crusades! so sad to see how the Christians were told their sins would be absolved to go “defend the Holy Land” and murder others. This video had a great explanation though of why the first crusade was so messy. Because they were just a bunch of untrained common people. Great film that really helped learn more!

  • Madison Downing

    I really liked how you went with making a video for your article, it was such a unique idea! I love reading about the Crusades because it really shows peoples true colors and how closed minded humanity was back then. We have taken great steps forward in becoming more accepting and opened minded. Your use of videos and pictures really helped bring your words to life even though the topic of your choice is actually extremely depressing. You did an amazing job!

  • Lorenzo Rivera

    This video was extremely interesting and well written. It helped me gain an entirely new insight on the first Crusade. Your use of imagery helped greatly in understanding the story in its entirety. These men were a very important aspect of the history of the church, and religion. This video was very well made and flowed smoothly all the way until the end. A very nice break from reading, and still very informative, well done.

  • Yadira Chavez

    I enjoyed the video, especially the use of maps to go along with the info. I find it fascinating how the soldiers joined the Holy army. If the removal of sins was a recruiting tactic for the army today, i wonder how it will be perceived. When i learned about this in school, i also realized that i had been going to church my whole life and not once did they mention certain times such as this in their dark past. Great topic!

  • Bryan Martin Patino

    it was a good video really enjoyed the the use of maps. i have always believed that the crusades where horrible things that didnt fit in the christian religion as its all about loving thy neighbor and making the world a better place and being a better person. the crusades where about wanting more gold and going on killing sprees although they are either reworded to seem like great things that the men and women had done.

  • Edward Cerna

    This was a really great video. I liked how you included pictures of pretty much everything you had talked about. I had not known much about the first crusade because I had gone over it very briefly in high school. Your voice was fairly easy to understand. I like the video because hearing information is better than reading it if you want to retain it in my opinion. Overall your production of this video was excellent and really thought out.

  • Justin Garcia

    This is a very well put together and edited video. I enjoyed the use of maps to give a sense of space during this time period. I liked that the video tackled the reasoning for many to join the Holy army. How the soldiers where told that if they were to fight in the name of Christianity that their sins would be forgiven. The video also was very straightforward and didn’t lose it’s momentum as some informative documentaries tend to do.

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