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  • Gaitan Martinez

    Very informal article, great to see many figures and how much they influence our hygiene. I wonder if Florence Nightingale was the creator of hand sanitizer? Louis Pastuer is, of course, the creator of pasteurization, but one question that I still think about to this day is who discovered cow milk and how? I know I’m not the only one who thinks about the milk part.

  • Deven Garcia

    Olivia, your timeline is absolutely fantastic! As someone who developed a keen fascination with the history of medicine in high school, I found your timeline to be incredibly captivating and it reignited my interest in the subject. The well-organized sections make the information easily accessible and reader-friendly. I was particularly fascinated by the revelation about the invention of the ventilator in 1867; it’s astounding to realize how primitive the technology was at that time. Congratulations on your well-deserved nomination!

  • Bella Gutierrez

    This is a fascinating infographic, and I especially love the categories for people, technology, and medicine. My favorite sections are the ones about Florence Nightingale and Marie Curie! Women advancing technology and medicine are always an inspiration for other women everywhere! I also didn’t realize how long it hasn’t been since many of these technologies were invented. Congrats on your nomination!

  • Martin Martinez

    My best friend loves to read about the history of medicine, and particularly the absurd things people used to try to cure diseases. I am definitely sending this to her. It’s also nice to see, in a general sense, the different figures that evolved doctoral procedures. Without them, we would not be where we are; we stand on the shoulders of giants.

  • Luis Ramirez

    Nice timeline! I like all the details and information that you’ve made here. I’ve always wondered how did we come so far with all this medicine if back then, we would struggle to cure just a simple cold. It’s crazy how far we’ve come along with all these medicines and how these were the first people to even discover these types of diseases.

  • Quinten Mero

    Great work on detail! The medical field of study has brought countless benefits to mankind and is sure to bring countless more. While I knew that the field of medicine was old and well-studied, I was still surprised to learn from your timeline that the profession traces its roots as far back as Hippocrates in the 4th century BCE. It makes me wonder how he would view the progression of the profession. I can only hope Hippocrates would be overjoyed with our accomplishments.

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