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  • Eugenio Gonzalez

    The ecological education infographic effectively highlights the significance of environmental conservation, raising awareness among readers. The addition of the “Next Steps” section provides practical advice for individuals looking to adopt sustainable living practices. I appreciated the breakdown of ecological education elements, making the topic easily digestible for readers. Congratulations on your nomination for an article award. The infographic was exceptionally well-designed and a captivating read.

  • Madison Hinojosa

    The overall design and layout of the infographic are not only impressive but also highly effective in conveying information in a visually engaging manner. The way each component seamlessly integrates with the next demonstrates a high level of coherence and thoughtfulness in the creation process. Every aspect of the infographic, from the color scheme to the choice of graphics, has been carefully considered and executed to achieve a harmonious and impactful result. The combination of well-thought-out design elements and clear, concise information delivery creates a highly compelling visual narrative that effectively captures the viewer’s attention and conveys the intended message with clarity and precision. In summary, the excellence in the construction and design of the infographic truly makes it a standout piece that excels in both form and function.

  • Alexis Silva

    Very nice infographic! Right away I noticed how the choice of colors creates a very comforting atmosphere. The incorporation of the Pope helps highlight the importance of ecological education by showing important individuals care about this issue as well. I would recommend to break down the information and picture into their own sections to help the information flow better.

  • Bella Cortez

    I enjoyed this infographic, I thought it was very well written and well published. I do think there should be more symbols to make you do less reading. There was a lot of writing but I found that it flowed easily. In my opinion the colors matched the topic that was being talked about. I would also look into perhaps changing the fonts.

  • Fernando Garza

    This infographic was a great focus on one specific goal. Education of Ecology. In doing so the message is very broad and does well to stir people into action. I particularly like the introduction of the Pope being used to immediately grab a person’s attention through a perceived source of authority. The light use of color and tactful use of images makes the information displayed pop out. Overall, very-well made.

  • Linda Aguilar

    I love how you started with a quote and a picture of John Paul. The color scheme of pink and white was an excellent choice and was visually appealing. The six Ecological Elements action items were reminders of tasks that we should practice and advocate to others daily. The infographic information flowed nicely and was informative. Good job!

  • Maria Guerrero

    Huge congratulations on this nomination! Hard work pays off! I loved reading this article since it was an excellent read. You educated me on how Pope Francis is very passionate about prioritizing our environment and mentioned how beauty in nature is all too frequently disregarded, and I concur with this assertion. I also enjoyed looking at the images you displayed. Great work!

  • Andrew Ramon

    This is a beautiful graphic, it’s clear that a lot of work went in to picking out the pictures to match the aesthetic of the whole project. The green and brown go well with the environmental aspect. All the little cutouts of the pictures look really nice and fit in very well. I think this presents your message very clearly that education leads to better action.

  • Eduardo Saucedo Moreno


    Really good job with this infographic. This has been the best one I have seen so far because it is just very simple to understand. This relates to Civic Engagement in a way that it requires the willingness of all of us to want to make a change in our community by teaching other people how to take care of our planet. I likes the balance of the use of both images and text and something that I would have probably done differently would be to make it a little longer.

  • Lauren Sahadi

    The way you structured the infographic was amazing! When I first saw it I was like wow this looks awesome. The way you added the pictures and background design was awesome. The look of the infographic reeled me in, but the information was also very good and well placed. Overall amazing job on the infographic it was a great read and visually awesome.

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