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History 101: The Founding Fathers Vs. Slavery

Winner of the Fall 2016 StMU History Media Award for

Best Multimedia Presentation

This video with Robert Tijerina is the first in our series of videos on American History. In this first video, Robert explores the relationship between the Founding Fathers and their views on slavery.

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  1. Robert Tijerina was very informative and detailed on The Founding Fathers vs Slavery YouTube video. It was interesting to find out that three of our Founding Fathers were slave owners during these times. Their views were contradictory because they believed in basic human rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness but excluded Black Americans. All people are created equal and deserve respect in all aspects. You lose some respect when you mistreat humans because they are considered property. At that time, America was mostly agrarian and plantation landowners used blacks as workers to upkeep their fields, farms, and homes.

  2. Your video was fantastic! I appreciated how you alternated between solid information and clever humor; it truly kept me interested. This really reminds me of John Green’s Crash Course, so I can only assume that you were inspired by it and performed a fantastic job. Congratulations for receiving such a meritorious honor. Most people overlook the fact that the constitution was only created for a particular segment of American society.

  3. First off, I absolutely loved this video because although it was very informative of the Founding Fathers and slavery, it had comedic relief throughout the video that made it interesting. I think throwing in those jokes around the video made it easy to connect to and understand. I wasn’t entirely shocked many of the Founding Father’s owned slaves, however, it shocks me how these important men in U.S. history were so against slavery yet said nothing. I also appreciated the mini background information about each of the Founding Fathers because it helps to know a little information about them before getting to know how important they were during the times of abolition. Awesome video!

  4. The video was very interesting to watch and informative! I enjoyed how he explained the different reasoning each founding father advocated for slavery or owning slaves with the reasoning behind that too. I did know most owned slaves and continued to think that all of them treated them terribly but some were better than actual slave owners. Loved the video and the amazing editing!

  5. First congratulations on your award. It was definitely well deserved. I love how you made the video entertaining to watch . It was very informative and gave deep detail on each founding father and their impacts on the situations. I think it is crazy how this part of history is often not taught in school. It seems as if there is much more history to be taught but is being hidden in plain sight.

  6. The video was super entertaining as well as very informative. I liked the fact that he broke down things and it made it easier to be understood. I think it’s really amazing that he got an award! In addition, I was able to gain very much more information about the founding fathers. I as well like the fact that he took the time to explain each of them and give us information about them.

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