Winner of the Fall 2016 StMU History Media Award for

Best Multimedia Presentation

This video with Robert Tijerina is the first in our series of videos on American History. In this first video, Robert explores the relationship between the Founding Fathers and their views on slavery.

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  1. I didn’t know you could post videos on this website but I’m glad you can because this video was great and very informative. I didn’t know that George Washington held abolitionist views while owning 200 hundred slaves himself. I also didn’t know about how many of them held a little abolitionist views and planned on later abolishing slavery although it didn’t really work out like that in the end.

  2. Woah phenomenal video! Congratulations on receiving the multimedia award as well! I enjoyed hearing about what each of the founder fathers thought about slavery, and how most of them owned slaves. I also found it ironic how most of them joined to abolish slavery but they owned slaves themselves. I knew George Washington owned slaves, but I did not realize how many he actually owned, I guess the nice thing was he kept their families together.

  3. What a different way to use the website, I also did not know how many Founding Fathers were an abolitionist despite being a slave owner. Instead of writing a traditional article on the subject, I like how you decide to make a video on the Founding Fathers and slavery. Also, I like how you made the video rather entertaining and informative throughout the entire video.

  4. Firstly, congratulations on winning the “Best Multimedia Production” award! This video was so informational and funny. Having the mix of the two keeps the audience engaged. I like how you took a controversial topic and made it interesting. Explaining how each of them contributed to the abolishment of slavery was a good approach. The video was a great idea, I feel like it makes the concepts stick better.

  5. I loved your video! I liked that you went back and forth between factual content and witty jokes, it really kept me engaged. This really reminds me of John greens crash course and I can imagine that you took inspiration from it, and you did it very well. Congratulations on your award it was well deserved. Most people forget that those who wrote the constitution were only writing it for a certain group of Americans.

  6. Roberto’s video on slavery made me feel like other current events of this last decade…self-serving people trying to make themselves feel good by defaming the reputations of historical figures who cannot defend themselves.
    Most of the information in the video is not new, nor is it unbiased, two things which good historical reporting should be. It is one thing to say the Japanese had “comfort women” during the Second World War. It is another to defame people from this nation or another when they nor their friends and family are around to defend them.

  7. I really liked this video! It was a very creative and entertaining take on teaching about how the Founding Fathers dealt with the issue of slavery. It’s hard to say if the Founding Fathers made the right choice to wait for abolishing slavery. I would compare it to approaching a feral cat in an alley: you don’t want to approach it so fast or blindside it so that you scare it; you have to approach it in a way that won’t make it attack. One line of reasoning for them waiting was that it was, unfortunately, the norm for people to own slaves, and they knew that people wouldn’t react well to an outward attack on it. But, they all seemed to know that slavery was morally wrong. They knew this and advocated for abolition behind the scenes, but when it came to their presidencies or times that they actually could have backed up their words, they flopped. It’s unfortunate that there was such a long period of lying in wait for change for people of color just because it was too much of a risk to ruffle the feathers of the slave owners.

  8. Congrats on your best multimedia award, this video definitely deserved it and it was a great break from reading. I also really enjoyed your topic and explanation of each founding father’s stance on slavery and how many slaves they owned. Overall, I think that if they could’ve most of them would’ve abolished slavery, but since some states weren’t even willing to take a glance at the Constitution if they abolished slavery, I think they tried their best to one day, hopefully have slavery abolished.

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