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John D. Rockefeller in Cleveland

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  1. I think this is a great video! I have never seen an article project with a video attached to it. This video was able to give great information about Rockefeller. It also was able to explain his accomplishments on helping with the growth of Cleveland. This video was also able to provide background information about Rockefeller beginnings. I thought it was interesting to hear how he was able to fund schools, organizations and helped with universities.

  2. I found this video extremely useful as I had currently an article about Rockefeller. This video is amazing it really highlights the accomplishments of Rockefeller and how he contributed to the Cleveland’s growth. I think this was a very creative way to express the idea and the story. It is also the first video I come across on the Stmu media website, however I think there should be more as I found this very useful.

  3. This is the first documentary that I have seen in this project. I absolutely loved the way the information was expressed and the images used. Many people really don’t connect Rockefeller to Cleveland off the top of their heads. His oil company was the reason that Cleveland was out on the map. I appreciated the way you were able to portray Rockefeller’s humble beginnings.

  4. Great video! I liked how you incorporated the Cavs and the 3-1 lead in the video. The video highlighted greatly in detail the impact of Rockefeller in not only the city of Cleveland, but the impact he had in this countries history. i was unaware that Standard Oil originated in Cleveland, and the rich history behind the city. I was always under the assumption that Cleveland is just a boring town with sports.

  5. This video does an excellent job at highlighting the key details that made John D. Rockefeller such a key aspect to Cleveland’s growth, and it’s interesting that Rockefeller was from such humble beginnings. I also enjoyed how you detailed what Rockefeller’s company was able to accomplish. Nice micro-doc!

  6. It is interesting to see how John D. Rockefeller and his oil business changed Cleveland and made it the city that it is today. I was surprised to hear that Standard Oil originated from Cleveland and I am glad that it all turned out for the best. Although Rockefeller lost his company after the Sherman Antitrust Act was passed, Rockefeller gave back to the city of Cleveland. He became philanthropist by funding for schools, organizations and even a university.

  7. I absolutely loved this article/ video! I appreciate how she took a different approach to these articles especially with my proffered learning style. John D Rockefeller was such a huge influence in our history. I now see how big of an influence in Cleveland as well. How he was able to open up so many different jobs and work possibilities for the area is amazing. As well as being able to give back to he community later on in life.

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