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The Pueblo Revolt of 1680

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  1. Awesome video, it was anything but difficult to take after and helped me comprehend the financial, social and religious explanations behind the Pueblo Revolt. The part about how the pueblo pioneers utilized a tied bit of rope to keep the date of the revolt the same over the greater part of the Pueblo bunches was extremely intriguing and was an exceptionally sharp plan to keep the revolt sorted out in a period before quick, long separation correspondence was plausible.

  2. What an interesting video that was sad but important. It thoroughly explained in good detail the Pueblo Revolt in a simple manner that it was easy to follow. I did not know much of this but I think it is important that people remember that the Europeans were basically breathing down our necks in colonial times. I think that this video told the story effectively and was overall a strong piece of history. Great job!

  3. Great job on this micro-documentary! I really enjoy watching and listening to the Pueblo Revolt slowly unfold. The use of the pictures helps grab the audience and helps with the whole theme of the video. I liked the transitions used in the video which makes it more professional. The Pueblo people were brilliant and knew when to execute the concise plan effectively to show the Spanish that the New Mexico area was there’s only.

  4. Great video, it was very easy to follow and helped me understand the economic, cultural and religious reasons for the Pueblo Revolt. The part about how the pueblo leaders used a knotted piece of rope to keep the date of the revolt the same across all of the Pueblo groups was very interesting, and was a very clever idea to keep the revolt organized in a time before fast, long distance communication was feasible.

  5. Another great video Maalik. This was another sad video of a people sunjugated forced to endure great tragedy. Prior to this video I knew nothing of a revolt by the Pueblo Indians. It is interesting to think it all began because of a dream that the chief had, it makes you wonder if there was something behind, perhapse he could have seen some spiritual premonition. They certainly made their mark on history, regardless of the outcome.

  6. Thank you for this until now I never knew of such a great win by Native Americans until I listened to your presentation on the Pueblos. I like how simplistic you kept it and the canvas paintings, the black and white pictures really made me feel as if I had a front sit to the reason for the revolt, the planning and execution of it thank you. I was sad that your video did not explain what happened in 1692 when the Pueblos lost new Mexico to another foreign power but I will research this for myself.

  7. I liked how the text in the beginning came across Star Wars style. Your graphics seemed relevant to your topic for the most part. I appreciate your audio as well. You did a great job in annunciating your words and speaking clearly. The background instrumental music you had also really suited the video well. It sparks an inspiring feel behind the information.

  8. Great video, it effectively shows the explain the Pueblo Revolt in a simple manner; easy to follow and understand. People always forget that in colonial days, how much of a nuisance Europeans’ were to the native way of life. Time and time again, when native American culture is in danger of imminent extinction, we see bloody revolts like these. Again, great video.

  9. This was a great video, it summarized the events in a easy to understand manner. It’s so inspiring to hear the story of how the pueblo people rose and fought off the Spanish invaders. The pueblo people must be very strong minded people to endure all that they did and still fight back. Thank you for the excellent video, it was very informative!

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