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The Barbados Slave Codes

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  1. Great job on your video. I am surprised by how well the videos are done on this website. Your video is very informative, and well done. The slave trade is interesting to me because I learned how the slaves were treated and how they were just viewed as property or objects, and not as people. Overall, this is a very interesting video, and I enjoyed watching it.

  2. Wow it is so cool that you did a video as opposed to an article like all the others on here. The video did a great job at keeping the topic interesting while also super informational. It is so sad that people had to go through something so inhumane. The details about the unfair trials, being shipped like animals packed beyond capacity, and being abused is horrific, and while the topic is a sad one it is an important part of history. We as a society must always remember the mistakes and tragedies that have taken place to make sure we never go back to those times.

  3. I did enjoy watching this video, but your voice damped the entire mood of the video. The mood of the video was of a lower, sadder, tone, but you could have brought better life to it. And in the early/middle part of the video where you said something along the lines of “the most inhumane treatment of humans in history” just doesn’t seem right to me. I, as anyone with a brain. do agree that this was inhumane treatment, but there were definitely worse treatments of people going on elsewhere, especially in previous centuries. Egyptian slaves, workers in concentration camps and prisoners of war from nations like Mongolia, many African tribes and many victims of Chinese tyranny seem to have been treated much worse, but I am not taking away what they went through. This may be an opinionated topic.

  4. I never knew you can do a video instead of an article. This was an enjoyable video and the pictures and videos were very interesting. I always knew about the triangular slavery trade, but I never know how high the cruelty was. For example, the fact that they couldn’t even a get a fair trial, and if convicted (which was 99.9% of the time) the slave’s punishment would be very cruel. This was a very informative video, and I am now going to look for more of these.

  5. I was extremely surprised to see a video pop up instead of the traditional article. The pictures and music set the mood so well it was hard to not get caught up in the video. The creator does an excellent job in reporting such an extent of information in an easy to understand way without overloading the listener with too much information. The tones of the authors voice really pushed the article along and truly made it even more fascinating.

  6. This video is very well made, and i liked that the commentary matched up with the pictures that were being shown. On the actual commentary, I am brought back to learning about the slave codes in high school. We didn’t go into as much detail, but I do remember being in shock how the slaves were transported on ships. They were crammed into small ships that should not fit too many people, with no sanitation, bathrooms, food, and water, and so many died just on the way to barbados. As said in the video, they were considered “interchangeable parts to a machine”, so when the prisoners died, they would just send more.

  7. This video has many interesting details about the slave codes. While I learned the basics of the triangular trade in school, your video introduced me to so many new details that illustrate the cruelty of the slave trade, like the law that declared a slave’s face would be burned on their second offence and the law that denied them the right to a fair trial by jury.

  8. I really enjoyed watching your video. It was really informative, and did a great job of setting the background. I had not realized that Irish settlers and indentured were used before the slaves. It is crazy that so many, upwards of 400,000 Africans, were brought to Barbados. Furthermore, I had not realized that the codes were meant to be good for both the slaves and the slave owners, but unfortunately that did not happen.

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