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April 7, 2024

Turning Grief Into Civic Engagement: Ramon Contreras

Eugenio Gonzalez

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  • Martin Martinez

    There is a lot left wanting in gun laws. But until we get reform, it’s nice to know that more people are fighting for minimizing that violence that is a consequence. But I feel that more could have been added. Besides marches, how else does Ramon organize? His story is inspiring, but tell us a bit more to keep us invested.

  • Maria Fernanda Guerrero

    I love your infographic. The way you organized it was efficient and clear. You found a way to get background, state your purpose, and call to action in a powerful way. Gun violence is deteriorating our youth and will continue if we don’t put an end to it all. Thank you for advocating and shedding light on gun violence. This must be a topic of conversion in all schools, educating them in hopes we gain their support and join the fight. Congratulations on your nomination.

  • Nicholas Pigott

    Hi Eugenio! I absolutely love the style of your infographic, it’s clean, has nice colors, and conveys information neatly and informatively. Thank you for telling us about Ramon Contreras and his journey of advocacy into one of the biggest issues we face as Americans today. Much more work will need to be done, but efforts like yours and Ramons are where it all starts! Congratulations on your nomination!

  • Naya Harb

    Hello Eugenio! Your infographic looks amazing! Really aesthetically pleasing and attracts the readers. I really love the topic you chose as well. Ramon is a really brave and strong individual and the fact that he raised awareness on gun violence after losing a dear friend is amazing and heartwarming. Thank you for sharing this topic. Congratulations on being nominated! Great work!

  • Ana Barrientos

    Hi Eugenio, I enjoyed your infographic. It truly is inspiring that Ramon Contreras was able to take such a tragic event and great change for it. Gun violence has risen so much in America and we need change. It was interesting to read that he funded “Youth Over Guns” to protect minorities against gun violence. I also liked that you added a QR code for more information. Overall, great job!

  • Hi I Just wanted to say your infographic is awesome! It’s really cool but sad how you talk about the Ramo and gun that happened to him. The colors you picked are super nice too! Congrats on being nominated! You totally deserve it for all your hard work. I hope you win! Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re making a real difference!

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