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May 13, 2022

Two Tone


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  • Joshua Marroquin

    I really enjoyed to listening to the scholars play their music. I am looking forward to the next article the author posted, since it was a changed of paced watching a video of students doing what they love instead of reading a page long article about the background of this specific type of music. I am stunned to learn that there are two tones when it comes to jazz.

  • Kayla Braxton-Young

    I really liked this, this was a different type of post, where it wasn’t so much an article or poster or infographic, but it was simply just a video, a video featuring a concert that was performed at the StMU research scholars award ceremony. I really liked watching this video and seeing how seriously people take music. There were different instruments being played and they all flowed well together, I think it is very cool to do something like this. I have watched a few jazz concerts, that had more people in the concert with more instruments and all of those instruments were played together nicely, so just watching this actually was pretty cool because this was just a simple article.

  • Javier Oblitas

    I have always had a fascination with Jazz. This performance was beautiful yet intriguing, I thoroughly enjoyed this piece of art. It is long and far between whenever I find a song that draws me in and keeps me compelled throughout the entirety of the song. The drums beat was an amazing inclusion that coerced perfectly with the symphony of instruments. Thank you, and I hope your music reaches more ears! 🙂

  • Jocelyn Elias

    What an amazing preformance. I can tell this took a lot of time and dedication. I loved how clear the Euphonium sounded as well as how the bass and guitar synced together percfectly. I personally never really resonated with jazz music or compositions but I had many friends who were in a jaz band and had local gigs so I spent a lot of time listening to jazz music. This brought back many memories and I hope to be able to hear this composition in real life one day. Great job!!

  • Kelly Arevalo

    It sounds great! I would say I do know much about music or jazz, more specifically, but I think is a very good composition. Congrats Jared! It is such a pity not being able to hear the performance live. I hope they play again in this semester’s award ceremony, though.

  • David Kamel

    Wow, that was amazing! I am not always the biggest fan of Jazz but I do think when it’s done right it is one of the most interesting and diverse musical forms. I think jazz can convey emotion with little to no lyricism which in my opinion is not found anywhere else. The form factor of Two Tone and other Jazz is spectacular and I really do love the fact that all these instruments can really make something so orchestral and grand without it being that way.

  • Dallasstar Johnson

    I really enjoyed listening to them play. I’ve always been a lover of music in any way, shape, or form, and to me instruments are music in it’s purest form. It was soothing to listen too, and gave me such a sense of relaxation. I enjoyed the steady beat of the drum underlying the rest of the instruments. They all came together well to and organically.

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