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November 4, 2023

Victoria Woodhull Breaking Barriers

Silvia Benavides

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  • Mikayla Trejo

    Thank you for informing us about a hero. I haven’t heard the name of in a while to be a voice for free love, and the suffrage movement in a time as risky as Woodhuls is brave and kind. This info graphic captured that perfectly and the design transported one back to her time as well. What a great info graphic.

  • Alexis Silva

    I love the design of this infographic! The visuals used for this infographic help keep an old antique theme that helps portray Victoria Woodhull’s character. I was unaware of the contributions Woodhull made to the feminist movement. After reading this infographic I learned she was the first female to run for president, and well as buying and trading stocks from the stock market.

  • Julieta Cortez

    Good evening, I have never heard of Victoria Woodlhull till your infographic. I really loved how you stuck to your old rustic theme. I love how it fits so well with your topic, the pictures that you decided on go so well with the colors on your infographic. I love the old fashion vive and truly believe it distinguishes your infographic from others.

  • Daniel Olivares

    Hello Silvia this is a very aesthetically pleasing infographic, I like the template chosen and the images used. Interesting fact that Victoria Woodhall was the first female to run for president elected by the Equal Rights Party. As well as Victoria and her sister being the first women to sell stocks on Wall Street through their brokerage firm after meeting Cornelius Vanderbilt. After reading your infographic I can see why Victoria Woodhall was a great icon for other women to follow after seeing her success in the women’s rights movement as well as her being involved in male dominated spaces.

  • Johana Solís

    Sylvia I cannot get over this template it is so pretty and eye-catching!!! I have never heard of Victoria Woodhull and now I regret it. Your infographic is so well written that I want to find out more information about this wonderful Woman. The pictures being inside the frames is so smart instead of just having pictures there.

  • Ana Barrientos

    I have never heard of Victoria Woodhull before and the infographic gave me some information about her which I thought was really interesting how she was an activist for women and her impact on feminism. I thought the pictures that were used were perfect and the background was great. The theme of the infographic was on point and had old fashion vibes which I thought was cool.

  • Amarie Pollard

    I like your topic and the design reminds me of the Victorian era. The design is vintage and aesthetically pleasing. Nonetheless, I enjoyed reading about Victoria Woodhull’s journey to fight for women’s political and social freedom. If it wasn’t for her women wouldn’t be where they are at today. Finding out that she helped paved the way for the 19th Amendment is inspirational. I really enjoyed your topic and this infographic should be posted during International Womens Day !

  • Linda Aguilar

    Great infographic! I loved the color scheme; it was very informative and impactful. It was direct, informative, and engaging. I admired how you provided a snapshot of the newspaper article and made it easy for viewers to understand the information. Great job incorporating her pictures. I am delighted that you are bringing awareness to Victoria Woodhull’s achievements and courage. Excellent work!

  • Andrew Ramon

    Victoria Woodhull is a trendsetter and I am glad you brought her to light Silvia. I had not heard of her before your project. It’s incredible the things she was able to accomplish in a time when women weren’t treated nearly as fair as they are now. I did not know she was supported by Vanderbilt nor did I know she ran for President. That is incredible. I really like the way you designed this Silvia, I think it really captures the era in which she lived.

  • Haley Aleman

    Hello Silvia! First off, I love how your infographic consistently reflects upon femininity. This is a very nice touch and really ties the reader to the theme of the infographic. Before reading your article I did not know who Victoria Woodhull was and I am very pleased to have learned about such an influential individual. I can imagine at a time such as hers how women and their ideas and wants were not so openly recognized. But I love how she and her sister Tennessee were courageous enough to have published their own newspaper, exposing their thoughts and hot takes to their local townspeople

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