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Water Chlorination – Why It’s Essential

Water Chlorination Infographic

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  1. Hi Byron, I really liked your graphics and thought the information was fascinating. I had no idea covid could be neutralized with chlorine within 30 seconds, that’s amazing to know. It is quite fascinating to see how such a small dosage of chlorine can prevent or lessen the impacts of diseases,, I can see why it would be required here in the U.S, very fascinating, great job.

  2. This is a great article demonstrating how some chemicals in the water can greatly benefit people regarding their own health and wellness. It’s truly amazing to think that such a simple procedure and a very small measure of product could contribute to such a big change in bacterial proliferation. Truly a great article, extremely well written, I appreciate the read!

  3. I had no idea that chlorine was something other than what you put in pools. This graphic was so interesting and relevant especially since you tied it to COVID 19.

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